How to Protect Skin All Year Round

Exposing your skin to the sun has its benefits. It gives our body vitamin D which helps in absorbing calcium. However, too much exposure can do you more harm than good as the sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer and is the number one reason for damaged skin. If you’re interested in learning how to protect your skin all year round, you’ve come to the right place.

How to protect skin:

1. Purchase multiple bottles of sunscreen 

To ensure that you’re never caught without sunscreen, it’s well worth purchasing several bottles of sunscreen, instead of relying on a single bottle. As an example, you can’t go wrong placing a bottle of sunscreen in your car’s glove box. If the sun comes out while you’re driving, you’ll be able to stop, pull over and apply your sunscreen.

You may even be interested in carrying around a leak proof, spill proof travel sized bottle of sunscreen in your handbag. Keeping your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays will help you reduce crepey skin and avoid other skin diseases.

2. Purchase a portable sun shade, tent or parasol to protect yourself in summer 

In order to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and to spend warm summer days at your local beach, park or lake, it’s well worth purchasing a portable sun shade, tent or parasol, which will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays in the warm summer months!

3. Avoid spending time outdoors during the hottest part of the day

As an example, it’s far wiser to go swimming at 10am or 4pm in summer, than to go swimming between 12pm and 2pm, when the sun is at its strongest. So it’s a great idea to make the effort to plan out your activities so that you’ll avoid spending the hottest part of your days outdoors. Especially in summer, when temperatures can skyrocket and the sun’s UV rays are extremely strong.

4. Wear make up that contains SPF protection

Did you know that it’s possible to purchase makeup such as foundation and concealer which features SPF protection? While you should still top off your makeup look with sunscreen, it’s also a great idea to double up your sun protection and to purchase make up productions which offer SPF protection. As your skin needs as much protection from the sun as possible.

5. Use an after sun lotion after spending extended periods of time in the sun

If you spend extended periods of time in the sun, it’s a smart idea to use an after sun lotion or gel, which features soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, to replenish your skin’s nutrients.

6. Don’t be afraid to cover up on hot days

While your first instinct may be to start wearing shorts, singlets and dresses, the second that summer arrives, it’s a smart idea to cover up your arms and legs on hot days. At least during the hottest time of the day. As an example, you may want to pop a cotton long sleeved blouse over your favourite summer dress from 10am to 2pm during summer to protect your arms from the sun.

Or you may want to pop a rash vest over your bathing suit when you swim, paddle board, snorkel or surf, during the warm summer months. Just be sure to choose cover ups which feature breathable materials.

Now you have no excuse not to protect your skin from sun damage all year round! As all six of the skin protection tips above are well worth testing out for yourself.

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How to Clean Your System from Drugs Fast


There are a range of options to ‘beat’ a drug test if you are about to undergo a urine or hair sample analysis test. Unfortunately, the other common form of drug testing is blood testing, and this often screens for a wider variety of chemicals, drugs and toxins. The nature of blood testing means that it can be much harder to beat if you think you may have banned substances in your system.

Blood drug tests are not routinely used as they are more invasive than other forms of toxicology testing, require a phlebotomist or qualified person to draw the blood sample, and the window for them to be able to detect drugs in the blood stream is smaller than with urine or hair samples. However, they are the most accurate form of test and almost impossible to trick or contaminate, so are used in certain circumstances.

Blood Testing Timeline

Blood testing can accurately detect a range of drugs and toxins in your system, but they have a limited time frame, ranging from 3 hours to 2 weeks depending on the type of substance.

A general timeline for some of the more common substances able to be detected in the blood for up to:

Alcohol: 10 hours

Amphetamines: 12 hours

Marijuana: Up to 2 weeks

Cocaine: 2 days

Heroin: 12 hours

LSD: 3 hours

Ecstasy: 2 days

Methamphetamine72 hours

Morphine: 8 hours

Nicotine: 3 days

How to Clean Your System

If you are anticipating that you will be asked to provide a blood sample for substance testing and you think that you may have been exposed to drugs, there are some things that you can do to help clear your system. These might include detoxing supplements, hot/cold treatments, massage, saunas, dry brushing, diet and exercise. Additionally you may find some of the suggestions from this web link helpful.

Sauna Detox

The idea behind using a sauna is that the heat draws out the toxins from your fat cells. Once they have been drawn out of the fat and into your blood stream, they can be flushed out of your body faster in your sweat and urine. Although sauna’s have been used for thousands of years to flush toxins out the idea reached new fame when Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard developed a detoxification program that included a long sauna session, exercise, vitamins and ingesting certain oils. Hubbard’s idea, founded on older traditions, was that the exercise combined with the heat from the sauna would sweat out toxins held in the fat cells and then the vitamins and oils ingested would replace the what was sweated out. So essentially replacing good with bad.

Saunas are popular with athletes after a workout to help relax the muscles, with increased blood flow as well as increased calorie burn being additional bonuses to the detoxifying effects.


Although the diet industry is notorious for making outlandish claims about the properties of their products, there has been research that indicates including certain foods in your diet can help remove toxins from your system. Adding herbs like coriander, including nori (seaweed), or increasing your fiber are all recommended ways to help flush toxins out of your system.

Part of a normal detox diet also includes increasing your water consumption (but no more than 1l of water every hour), yet, although juices are popular and will give you an instant boost, they don’t usually provide enough fiber to truly aid a detox program so you need to ensure a balanced diet.

However, increasing your consumption of certain fruit and vegetables can help kick your digestive system into overdrive.


Start your day by including the juice of a lemon each morning with a large glass of hot or warm water to kick start your digestive system and help give your liver and kidneys a cleansing boost. Although excess consumption of citrus fruit can cause stomach cramps, so don’t go overboard.

Go Green

Increasing the greenery in your diet can provide a boost in chlorophyll, which is often suggested to increase liver function as it is similar to the protein hemoglobin found in your blood. More detailed information on chlorophyll can be found from many sources including here: Chlorophyll is often taken as a supplement as it may not be as easily digested in plant form. This is often the reason why green juices are recommended as part of a detox program. Some of the green foods that can be helpful include spinach, alfalfa, wheatgrass and kale.


Another very popular food to cleanse the blood. Often recommended to help fight colds and flu garlic is loaded with vitamins and is reputed to be able to help boost the livers ability to remove toxins from the digestive system. It can be eaten raw or cooked to great advantage.


L Ron Hubbard suggests that ingesting vegetable oils can help detoxification by replacing the fat-soluble toxins excreted when you sweat. Adding hemp, avocado, olive or flaxseed oils to your diet can give the toxins somewhere to attach to other than your fat cells and make it easier for the body to flush them out of your system. There’s also the more dubious idea that increasing oils in your diet physically stop toxins from adhering to the wall of your intestine.


Although some vegetables do need to be cooked in order to release their vitamins and minerals, onions, carrots, broccoli, cabbage and beets eaten raw (or lightly steamed) are reputed to give your liver a boost as they are high in sulphur which helps to break down toxins).


A good massage is meant to be able to move toxins through your lymphatic system, releasing them back into your blood stream where they can be processed and flushed out. This is why massage therapists generally suggest that you rest for 30mins post massage and drink a large glass of water or herbal tea.

Detoxing Faster

Regularly including foods that aid with flushing out your system and combining with sauna and exercise can make your detoxification efforts even more effective. When you need an extra fast boost to flush your system look to adding a detox supplement to help your efforts.

Test Kits for Chlamydia: Tips on who Should Get One and its Treatment

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over one million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occurring each day around the globe. Every year, there are around 357 million new infections which can be any one among the four most common curable STIs which are syphilis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Read more about that on this reference.

What do these surging numbers imply? Is the lack of self-control of most people these days to blame? Do we lack proper sex education both at home and in school? Is the general moral breakdown the culprit? What if we say it’s all of the above? Apparently, several factors that led from one thing to another have contributed to these alarming figures that reveal how prevalent STDs are around the world.

For example, these days, the easy access to internet has also meant easy access to websites that showcase pornography. As a result, some individuals who got addicted with pornography have fueled their uncontrolled sexual passion. After all, whatever you feed your mind with can be revealed in your words, actions, and lifestyle as a whole.

Even the simple TV shows, books, music, and movies that many people deem normal and harmless, could be filled with content that can subconsciously fuel uncontrolled sexual desires. The media and entertainment industry have also portrayed a loose sexual lifestyle as fun, harmless, and no big deal. Clearly, it has been glamorized everywhere.

The surging numbers of STD cases around the world as a bad consequence of engaging in a sexually active lifestyle with multiple partners is no fun though. Although curable STDs such as chlamydia are less serious than HIV or herpes, they could lead to serious reproductive health issues such as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirths, and mother-to-child transmission of STIs. What’s more, even though some cases are asymptomatic, there are also some infected individuals who have experienced painful symptoms such as bleeding between periods and after sexual intercourse, painful urination, and swelling and burning sensation around the genital area.

Should You Get Tested?

Asymptomatic cases are even more risky than those who exhibit obvious symptoms of a person who has contracted an STI. Apparently, those who don’t experience any symptoms aren’t compelled to schedule a medical checkup of their reproductive health or get tested for any STI. Unknowingly though, they may be spreading the disease or they may suffer irreversible damage in their reproductive system when chlamydia or other less serious STI is left untreated.

So, who should get tested?

  • If you experience obvious symptoms of an STI.

Common symptoms of an STI include unusual odorous discharge from the genitals, bleeding after sexual intercourse or between periods, swelling, itching or burning sensation around the genital or rectal area, painful urination, abdominal pain, and fever.

  • Individuals who have previously engaged in a morally loose lifestyle.

If you have previously engaged in a morally loose lifestyle such as having multiple sexual partners, you should get yourself tested of chlamydia and other STIs. The more sexually active a person is with multiple partners, the more he becomes vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are sexually transmitted.

  • Couples who are thinking of taking their relationship to a more serious level.

Does it matter to get tested even if you and your partner agree to get married and be faithful to each other throughout your entire lifetime together? This can be essential. Though each of you might be confident that you are free from any of those infections, having yourselves undergo testing shows your concern and commitment to your significant other’s health and welfare. This action can foster trust and security that are both essential in the foundation of a loving and thriving relationship.

Moreover, making sure that both of you are free from any STD, makes your marriage a secure and ideal place to raise healthy children in the future.

  • Pregnant women.

As mentioned earlier, chlamydia and other types of STIs can lead to serious consequences and complications when left untreated, especially for pregnant women. Chlamydia can infect the eyes of a newborn baby, causing conjunctivitis and blindness. Mothers who have been infected of other STDs may suffer from premature labor and stillbirths. This is why pregnant women should have themselves tested for any STIs at the start of their pregnancy.

Home Test Kits are Conveniently Accessible

If you fall under any of those categories mentioned above, it’s time you get yourself tested. Nowadays, it’s so easy and convenient to do so. You don’t have any reason to hesitate and postpone it. Home test kits for chlamydia and other STIs eliminate the need to set an appointment at the doctor’s office. Most of all, it’s more private and the result is confidentially revealed. Read more about that here.

All you have to do is to order a test kit online. Then, once you get the test kit, read and follow the instructions carefully. Prepare the bodily specimen or swab that is needed. Then, once the sample is ready, it will be sent to the laboratory for testing. You will get your result via email or through a private access to the website. That easy.

Early detection is key to avoiding the serious impact of STIs to your reproductive health. However, you don’t have to suffer any of these if you uphold high moral standards, be faithful to your marriage partner, or stay single for the rest of your life. The last option sounds unlikely for you? Then, the first and second are non-negotiable.


Chlamydia trachomatis can be treated by taking antibiotic. It can either be a one-time dose, or you might need to take it once daily or you even multiple times a day for five to ten days.

In most cases, the infection can treated within one to two weeks. While getting treated, you should abstain from sex. It is also best that your sexual partner or partners get the treatment even they don’t show signs or symptoms of having chlamydia. If not, it is likely that the infection will be passed on back and forth.

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Osteoarthritis Vs Rheumatoid Arthritis: Which One is Worse?

Osteoarthritis vs rheumatoid arthritis has always been a great debate. Today we discuss which type of arthritis is worse.

C:\Users\Kathir\Pictures\Osteoarthritis Vs Rheumatoid Arthritis.jpg

With more than 40 million Americans suffering from arthritis, we have one of the most arthritic populations on the planet.

When you’re trying to figure out whether osteoarthritis vs rheumatoid arthritis is worse, it’s deciding between the frying pan and the fire. However, if you’re not sure which you have yet, you might want to learn about the differences between the two types of arthritis.

Here is everything you need to know.

The Epidemiology of RA versus OA

When you’re comparing rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, one of the big differences that arises is from looking at how the disease is caused.

Rheumatoid arthritis comes as an autoimmune disorder that causes joint pain throughout the body. There are inflammatory symptoms that arise when you have this condition that causes severe discomfort and pain.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that comes from overuse of your joints. This is one that can happen to athletes who don’t train or diet properly or who have poor genetics. OA could result in inflammatory issues but its chief issue is that it destroys your cartilage over the course of time.

While more than a million Americans have rheumatoid arthritis, there are 27 million Americans who are dealing with osteoarthritis. That means that about one in ten people is going to deal with this at some point.

Since it’s so prevalent, there has been plenty of research on osteoarthritis. While RA is found to develop between the ages of 30 and 60 in people, OA tends to start much later in life. It’s a challenge that often arises hand in hand with the problems of old age.

While there are many ways to find out how they’re alike, you can check out one of many sites that offer a comparison.

What Causes Them

In terms of osteoarthritis, the main culprits are prolonged use and insufficient rest. People who suffer continuous wear and tear on their joints are going to have issues in the specific spots impacted. Whether you have a job that’s demanding of you physically or not, there are ways to hurt your self at work to consider.

If you realize that your problem was caused by work, you could even be entitled to payment from a suit.

If you had injuries in the past, they can turn to OA. An injury that never got time to heal or never healed properly could result in a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis.

There are also genetic risk factors in play. Not everyone had the same upbringing as you or the patient, so we need to consider how this impacts our ecosystem.

Rheumatoid arthritis is most common in much older people but as it turns out, it’s unknown exactly what causes it. Doctors know that it’s an autoimmune disease where your antibodies attack healthy joints. This can cause some pretty strange results when you’re in the middle of activities or as a result of rigorous exercise.

However, don’t expect doctors to offer you an answer over the phone or online without an exam. In fact, it would be unethical and they could risk their medical license if they

RA has been shown to somewhat relate to ill health, smoking, or excessive drinking. If you don’t treat your body right, you’ll end up stuck dealing with arthritis as you get older.

How They’re Diagnosed

While both diseases are types of arthritis, they come as the result of different clinical diagnoses. They have very similar symptoms and without testing, they could be confused for one another. In their earliest stages, they might even seem identical.

For diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis, a physical exam is necessary. A doctor is going to look at your clinical symptoms and your family history together. By reviewing both, they’ll start to get a good idea.

When they perform blood tests to look for the antibodies that attack joints, they’ll have a clear picture of what’s happening.

If you suspect you might have osteoarthritis, you’ll need to get some x-rays and MRIs. While these can be costly and intesnse, you could end up with a clearer idea of what’s happening in your body. A blood test helps to rule out other diseases so you can focus on just this one and how to deal with it.

Getting Treatment

For either type of arthritis, there are no permanent solutions that result in total healing. However, there are ways to mitigate the pain and discomfort. Once you’ve identified which type of arthritis you’re dealing with, you can start the healing process.

Treatment courses are meant to help to reduce pain and prevent any further problems that come with the destruction or decay of joints. The course of treatment that you’re able to seek is about managing symptoms and minimizing discomfort.

There are several types of medications you could take. The most powerful is categorized as “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory” medication. These NSAIDs can be found over the counter and help to reduce swelling in pain in a number of ways.

Given that you’re dealing with an autoimmune disorder, you’re dealing with drugs that are meant to help suppress your immune system. This keeps you from forming any more antibodies that lead to flare-ups and cause further damage. All the while, you’ll be eliminating a lot of the pain and discomfort.

Physical and occupational therapy are both used to help patients improve mobility and adjust their daily routines. Exercise, weight management, and overall healthy living habits are essential in treating and manage both diseases.

No One Wants to Pick Osteoarthritis Vs Rheumatoid Arthritis

No matter what age you are, you don’t want to have to decide between osteoarthritis vs rheumatoid arthritis. If you’re worried you might have one of the two types, get help from a doctor before you make any decisions.

If you want to take a mindfulness approach to your healing, check out our guide for more info.

How Well Do You Know the Impacts of Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

Throughout the years, numerous types of treatment have been utilized to treat issues and inconveniences that accompany menopause yet one conventional treatment that many think about is the hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This treatment depends on the suspicion that it might have the capacity to forestall the inconvenience brought by reducing flowing progesterone and estrogen hormones because of menopause. To play out the treatment, a gathering of meds created to help the hormone levels typically utilized falsely. These prescriptions regularly target hormones, for example, estrogen’s, testosterone and progesterone since these are the primary hormones that get influenced amid this stage. 

There are distinctive sorts of hormone replacement therapy that can be directed on a man one of them being, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This type of therapy is usually used to contain three kinds of estrogen hormones, in particular, estradiol, estriol, and estrone. This estrogen’s generally happened in the body however amid menopause; their levels are on occasion compelled to drop and all the while, making issues the patient. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy generally controlled to the patient through topical utilization of the cream or gel arrangement of the hormones to the skin.

This regularly lessens worries about antagonistic liver impacts that are frequently caused by oral prescriptions. In any case, as much as this treatment can supplant the hormones in the body, look into has demonstrated that the supplanted hormones can’t duplicate the conveyance framework like of those hormones delivered normally by the human body. Notwithstanding this reality, this type of treatment regularly expands odds of experiencing other fetal infections, for example, cardiovascular sicknesses and bosom growth.

The other kind of hormone replacement therapy is the one that utilizations exclusive blends of conjugated equine estrogen’s. Conjugated equine estrogen’s frequently contain estrogen particles that are usually conjugated to hydrophilic side gatherings, for example, sulfate. To deliver these estrogen’s, the pee of pregnant horses generally utilized. This sort of treatment is more often than not used to enable menopausal ladies to manage a portion of their issues. Be that as it may, much the same as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, conjugated equine estrogen usually’s put the patient at more danger of experiencing growths and other heart-related illnesses. Aside from these ailments, this hormone replacement therapy has been clinically demonstrated to cause coagulating of the blood, particularly in the veins. To manage it to the body, one can utilize oral tablets or pills, skin patches or now and again, through an uncommon event of using the infusion among other clinically recommended ways. As a method for limiting the odds of being extremely hurt by this type of treatment, one is more often than not educated to devour small dosages concerning the enhancements at whatever point she chooses to take them.

Because of the various dangers and potential issues that accompany hormone replacement therapy, different elective choices have produced throughout the years. These alternatives incorporate, plant non-hormone tranquilize treatment (phytoestrogens), bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and way of life changes. With the end goal to diminish the danger of experiencing osteoporosis condition, changes in a single’s eating routine must be done and thus, increment calcium admission, participate in activities and get the chance to utilize medications, for example, biphosphates, calcitonin or specific estrogen receptor modulators.

There are supplemental hormones which controlled through hormone replacement therapy. In ladies, these can offer different advantages. Be that as it may, with a wide range of treatment choices of different impacts and procedures, the decision of treatment must be particular to the requirements of the person. Hormone medicines fluctuate and will rely upon the conclusion of a restorative master to figure out what can best profit a lady. One of those medications is HGH treatment.

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is a hormone inborn in each. It decides the manner in which the human body recuperates, how and how quick cells and tissues repair and recover. Both genders encounter a decrease in HGH as they close to their 30s or 40s, bringing down cell recovery and recuperation rates. This all the more unmistakably observed as the body’s maturing procedure.

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Immediate Steps to Take When You Think Your Animal Has a UTI

You might already know that more than 80 percent of the human population in the United States gets a urinary tract infection at least once in their life, but did you know that UTIs can also affect your pets? Cats and dogs all around the world get UTIs each year and since they cannot vocalize their symptoms, it is important for you to know what to look for.

Symptoms of UTI in an Animal

A UTI occurs in pets when they fail to fight off bacteria. You might notice that your dog or cat is urinating more frequently or that your dog cannot hold it once asking to go outside. Your pet may also have trouble urinating, have more accidents or have urine with an unpleasant odor. Some pets may also have traces of blood in the urine. A UTI may cause pain for your pet, which might also cause it to be moodier than normal.

Diagnosing a UTI in an Animal

Since pets can’t vocalize their pains, you should take your dog or cat to the vet if you notice any of the above symptoms. An experienced veterinarian can analyze a urine sample or perform a cystocentesis to check for a UTI. If you call your veterinarian, he or she may ask you to collect a morning sample to bring in. Persistent UTIs may require urine cultures, ultrasounds, x-rays or other diagnostic exams to determine the cause.

Treating a UTI in an Animal

If your pet already has a urinary tract infection, your veterinarian will probably prescribe a two-week course of antibiotics. If your pet has recurring UTIs, you can also ask your veterinarian about the use of a UTI prevention drink. These drinks include vitamins and minerals that are safe for animals and help the bladder to fight off the infections.

If you are interested in a vitamin C and B6 drink to help your pet fend off UTIs, talk to your vet about your options. Doing so may keep your pet happier and healthier.

Things You Need To Know About Before Having An X-Ray

An X-ray is commonly used to provide an image that will help healthcare providers to detect their patient’s medical condition. It helps them to picture what is currently happening inside the body without surgery. Let’s find out the things you need to know before having the procedure.

Why is an X-ray done?

An X-ray is performed to look at an area where the patient is feeling pain or discomfort. It is also used to assess the progress of a disease after it has been diagnosed. Finally, X-rays are used to determine if the treatment and medication provided is working well for the patient.

Why have an X-ray?

An X-ray is the first procedure to be requested by a physician if you have a fracture, bone cancer, breast tumour, enlarged heart, or any other condition that affects the digestive and respiratory systems. You may also need to undergo an X-ray due to the following conditions:

  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Respiratory conditions such as tuberculosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Tooth decay
  • Swallowing a foreign object that cannot be digested

What are the side effects?

Technically, X-rays expose you to radiation but in a very small amount. The amount of the radiation an X-ray emits is not harmful to normal adults but is unsafe if you are pregnant. If you have a fracture or are in a lot of pain, then it might worsen during the procedure.

Another factor that you may need to look into is the ingestion of a contrast agent before an X-ray procedure. If you have ingested it, then you might feel a little nauseated with light-headedness and itching. The contrast dye may also cause an allergic reaction which is similar to an anaphylactic shock.

How should you prepare for an X-ray?

There is no special preparation for an X-ray to be conducted. All you have to remember is that you need to wear loose clothing or probably a hospital gown. You must also remove any metallic items like jewellery before the procedure. Let the radiologist know if you have any metallic implants similar to a pacemaker as this may block the X-rays from penetrating your body, which will hinder a clear image.

Fasting is only required if you are undergoing a digestive X-ray. Some patients may need to take medications to empty the bowels to make sure that there is a clear picture of the entire digestive system.

If you undergo a private X ray in London, your doctor may request that you stay in the hospital for a while, otherwise you can go back to your everyday life. Your doctor is then tasked to review and study the images created by the X-ray machine. Depending on the result, you might need to undergo additional exams to properly conclude a diagnosis. Your doctor might request an ultrasound, a CT scan or blood tests to ensure that they will be able to provide you with the right course of treatment.

Before anything else, make sure that you ask your doctor for as much information as you need to understand your condition and the procedures and treatments that come along with it.

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Your Child Is Diagnosed With ADHD


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are hard words to hear for a parent. Typically, children are diagnosed around age 12-14 but regardless of age, it’s never easy to hear.  No one like the thought of putting their children on medication.

Stay calm and ask your doctor these questions:

Critical Questions to Ask

1.      Are there are any positive aspects to ADHD?

Yes there are. If you do some research, you will see that a majority of people with ADHD are astonishingly creative, positive and just full of energy. What’s more, a lot of them have used the disability to become independent thinkers.

Moreover, once they think about accomplishing something, they do it without question and are adamant to achieve their goals no matter what. You can’t say something like – “You will never be able to do this” to a person battling ADHD. Their persistence and hard work will shock you.

People with ADHD are generally more laid back and have a big heart and kind personalities. You may also find some who have a brilliant sense of humor and a certain charisma. That is essentially where you role as a parent comes in – if you guide your shining light with care and love, you will become an instrumental element in your child’s success as he or she grows up.

2.      Are there any adverse qualities I should be concerned about?

Adults and children suffering with ADHD have a lot of trouble paying attention. Focusing on something becomes nightmarishly hard – which is especially true when they have absolutely no interest in the subject. For example, if your kid doesn’t like math at school – he will never try to or concentrate on learning it – and his condition is going to accentuate the problem.

Children with ADHD can be very disruptive, abruptly impulsive and hyperactive. Organizing things and activities or prioritizing their day to day tasks and chores can prove to be very difficult for them. ADHD patients can also be very forgetful – they might not stay consistent with one thing and are almost late with everything.

3.      Is there are treatment plan I can integrate my kid with?

The best treatment plan for your kid is education. You have to first help him ease to the fact that he is going to have to live with his condition. You need to first comprehensively understand what the disorder is to fully embrace it.  You have to make the adult or child understand that they may think that the disorder is going keep them living a full life – but with adequate help, ADHD can propel them way into the future – and help them fulfill their dreams.

Once you accept the positives and negatives of the condition, you can then move forward in life. You can hire a good trainer or guide for your child – or a professional and certified therapist who can encourage him that he can do better than just about anyone else.

It is also necessary that you ensure he sleeps on time and also gets some exercise either in school or at home or at the gym. You have to give your child your full attention, which is why it is necessary that you consider either switching jobs or perhaps have him homeschooled for a little while.

4.      What types of medications will your prescribe?

ADHD medication will play an instrumental role in balancing your child’s life. First of all it work effectively – secondly, there are no major side effects involved in a majority of ADHD medications such as vyvanse. The medication your doctor prescribes is going to work 80% of the time and is going to be the single most efficient element in treating your child. The medication lessens a bulk of the negative aspects.

If you choose to medicate your child, it’s worth noting that your child’s behavior may change while they adjust to the medication. Make sure to ask your doctor about every detail of the medication they’re recommending, as well as how you can save on your medications and find coupons for vyvanse.

It’s important that you work with a medical practitioner who can lay everything out to you in a precise and consistent manner. You have to understand that stimulant medications are very effective if used adequately.

5.      Is there any possibility of incorporating alternative treatment?

There are plenty of doctors who really don’t mind incorporating alternative methodologies of ADHD treatment. The only concern is the fact that whatever you integrate must be safe for the child. There have been people who have benefitted from herbal treatments to boost their focus and concentration levels and stay attentive. But alternative treatment can also be in the form of physical exercises – a process which is referred to as Low Energy Feedback Nuerofeedback System – which is a computerized form of neuro and biofeedback that helps improve working memory through physical activity.


Tips for Mindfulness

Live in the Present:
The idea of being mindful—being present, being more conscious of life as it happens—may seem contradictory to those who are used to sacrificing living for pursuing their goals, but cultivating mindfulness will help you achieve your goals and enjoy life more. In fact, you’re more productive when you’re mindful, among other science-backed benefits. But more importantly, being present is undoubtedly the only way to enjoy life to the fullest. By being mindful, you enjoy your food more, you enjoy friends and family more, you enjoy anything you’re doing more. Anything. Even things you might think are drudgery or boring, such as housework, can be amazing if you are truly present. Try it: Wash dishes or sweep or cook, and remain fully present. It takes practice, but it’s incredible.

Act Slower & More Deliberate:
You can do one task at a time, but also rush that task. Instead, take your time, and move slowly. Make your actions deliberate, not rushed and random. It takes practice, but it helps you focus on the task. Put your day on a track to mindfulness with these mindful morning exercises.

Do Less:
If you do less, you can do those things more slowly, more completely and with more concentration. If you fill your day with tasks, you will be rushing from one thing to the next without stopping to think about what you do. But you’re busy and you can’t possibly do less, right? You can. I’ve done it, and so have many busy people. It’s a matter of figuring out what’s important, and letting go of what’s not.

Space Things out:
Related to the “Do less” rule, but it’s a way of managing your schedule so that you always have time to complete each task. Don’t schedule things close together. Instead, leave room between things on your schedule. That gives you a more relaxed schedule, and leaves space in case one task takes longer than you planned. Transfer this method from your work life to home life in just four steps.

Spend at Least 5 Mins a Day Doing Nothing:
Just sit in silence. Become aware of your thoughts. Focus on your breathing. Notice the world around you. Become comfortable with the silence and stillness. It’ll do you a world of good—and just takes five minutes!

Stop Worrying About the Future:
Become more aware of your thinking. Are you constantly worrying about the future? Learn to recognize when you’re doing this, and then practice bringing yourself back to the present. Just focus on what you’re doing, right now. Enjoy the present moment.

Pay Attention in Conversation:
How many of us have spent time with someone but have been thinking about what we need to do in the future? Or thinking about what we want to say next, instead of really listening to that person? Instead, focus on being present, on really listening, on really enjoying your time with that person. These magic phrases can save any conversation.

Make Cooking & Cleaning Meditative:
Cooking and cleaning are often seen as drudgery, but actually they are both great ways to practice mindfulness, and can be great rituals performed each day. If cooking and cleaning seem like boring chores to you, try doing them as a form of meditation. Put your entire mind into those tasks, concentrate, and do them slowly and completely. It could change your entire day (as well as leave you with a cleaner house).

Health & Fitness Tips

3. Get Off the Couch / Away From Your Desk – Straight up! Get away from the TV, up from your desk, get outside for a walk, bike ride or an activity of some sort. The amount of time sitting down definitely plagues our society & it can usually stem from our home and work routines. Inactivity breeds bad habits like junk food or snacking. Looking for that quick fix with food, so that you can get back to the TV shows you are bingeing or the office work you can’t let yourself get away from. Getting into a regular routine of biking or walking every day can help get those juices flowing for a happy and more active life.

2. Find an Activity – It’s not all about going to the gym to get healthy. Gather up some friends and join a softball league, or a running group. Getting into a social atmosphere can help the enjoyment level for activity sky-rocket, especially if you don’t like to move much at this point. Not only will it be a fun way to get active and healthy, but those friends will also help hold you accountable for showing up and working hard. Super important to hold each other in a high regard, be supportive & make sure that the work is being put in. Also remember that it could take a month or 2 for these new routines to become normal, especially if you haven’t really done much recently. COMMIT! COMMIT! COMMIT! You may not see the results on the outside fast, but have faith that you are doing incredible things for your well-being.

1. It’s Mostly About the Food – You may have seen figures all over the place, whether its 50% or 70% of results come from food … fact of the matter is that it is SUPER important to put into your body that which is nourishing and as natural as possible. ‘Diets’ or ‘Cleanses’ are fine, only if you are getting the necessary nutrition for your daily needs, but also know that commercial diets and cleanses are all about making money for these corporations. Companies want you to buy their product & ultimately those products need to be as cheap as possible for maximum revenue. So consider that looking at what you are eating at home & changing a few things at a time is a great way to ease into a natural ‘diet’. Removing unnatural or refined sugar could be a great start (pop, juice, candy, etc), practice that for a week or 2 & then move onto something else. The most natural diet includes fatty acids (eggs, nuts), lots of vegetables, meats/protein & seasonal fruits. If you can simplify your diet to these main things, you will see results fast.