Ways To Wear Casual Clothes


The rules of dress have always been present to advise when it comes to knowing what garment to wear for each moment, but how should one dress is casual clothing is requested?

That word is accompanied by different styles such as smart casual or casual chic, but what does it mean? Next, trendy fashion explain what it is about so that you master the dress code seamlessly.

What is casual wear

The word “casual” is defined as a concept linked to the word chance, which refers to a mixture of unpredictable and unavoidable circumstances.

Therefore, it can be said that casual clothing refers to informal clothing. However, this type of clothing has been demanded as an inclination within the world of fashion, since dressing casually also entails reverberating the personality of each one in the pieces used to dress.

When to wear this style?

Simplee mini dress takes a special opportunity to dress casually. It is a style that can be used daily to go out to eat, to go to events or even to go to the office.

What pieces make up the casual style

Casual clothing for women

The essential basics that cannot be missing in the wardrobe to dress casually will be:

  • Jeans, basic t-shirts, shirts and blouses, blazers or jackets and simple dresses.
  • The most used colors are black, navy blue, white, gray, beige and khaki or military green.
  • Casual looks are recognized with characteristics such as simplicity, naturalness or comfort.
  • The footwear that combines with this style of dress is basically the use of comfortable shoes, it is not essential that they are sports shoes, but they are sports brands, such as Converse-type shoes.
  • The most used accessories are large bags, wool caps or hats. It is also common to use scarves or scarves for the neck or to collect hair. Rings are also a classic in this type of look.

Men’s casual wear

When referring to the casual male look, we are talking about the clothes that men usually wear. Why? because it is the most comfortable style. To do this, in the closet there must be:

  • Various jeans, basic t-shirts, plain or large check shirts and wool sweater.
  • Denim or bomber jackets will also be undeniable pieces to combine the casual look.
  • The most common colors, as for girls, are black, blue, maroon and military green.
  • The correct type of footwear will be comfortable sneakers.
  • Some of the accessories that can be used are scarves or bandanas for the neck as well as sunglasses.

Casual clothing styles

  • Casual Business: this concept is normally used by some companies to explain to their workers how they should dress. It is based on dressing elegantly and professionally using casual and relaxed daily clothing. An example would be dark trousers, chino or jeans, accompanied by a light shirt or a polo shirt, in the case of girls a blouse, and a somewhat more elegant shoe such as loafers or heels.
  • Smart Casual: to continue with these clothing guidelines, you must be guided by the most formal pieces within the casual style. That is, a jacket, a shirt and dress pants. However, you can also opt for a more sporty option, wearing dark jeans to replace chinos, a polo shirt or a sweater.
  • Casual chic: it would come to be a casual but neat style, which varies from being able to wear a suit without a tie or a jacket with dark jeans and a sweater.

Most common clothing styles

  • White tie: known as “rigorous label” because it is the most demanding of all. The men wear a tailcoat with a starched shirt, tie and cummerbund. For women, a long dress of a dark color and smooth fabric is recommended. This look must be accompanied by striking accessories, bright earrings and pendants, and with the hair pulled back.
  • Black tie: it is the dress code. Usually, men wear a tuxedo, while women tend to choose a dress or a two-piece. It all depends on the event to be attended but a sure hit is a long dress with accessories that attract attention.
  • Black tie optional: for this black tie model, men can opt for a tuxedo or a dark suit. The girls, on the other hand, should dress elegantly but without going overboard, since it is not a dress code as closed as those mentioned above. As main accessories, a handbag and a good high-heeled shoe that sharpens the figure should be included in the look.
  • Cocktail: For this type of event, a short party dress is usually worn combined with discreet accessories and stiletto heels. Boys usually choose a dark-colored suit with a tie or bow tie. As a complement, in addition to wearing light makeup, the use of striking jewelry is recommended.
  • Party: this style is usually worn at Christmas time when a sequined or feathered dress or skirt can be included in the wardrobe with which, without believing it, it goes unnoticed. The boys will be correct with a dark suit and bow tie.