How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit Or Bikini?


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Are you starting to think about summer vacations? There is still… but not that much. We are at that point where we have pleasant thoughts that transport us to summer, taking a bath, reading, relaxing or just having a good time with friends and family.

And to spend these good times we like to wear an attractive bikini swimsuits that makes us feel good. That is why we propose to explain all the secrets of women’s swimsuits that allow us to choose the one that best suits what we are looking for.

Before going into details, we want to make it clear that the best swimsuit or bikini is the one that makes you feel better, with which you feel more comfortable. This criterion is the one that should take precedence over everything else.

But if you have doubts about what type of bikini or swimsuit suits you best according to your constitution or what colors highlight your strengths, we will explain it to you.

Aspects To Take Into Account When Buying A Bikini Or A Swimsuit

Before buying the swimsuit that you will wear this summer, you must take into account 4 morphological characteristics such as height, chest, waist and hips, which influence in enhancing your silhouette. On the other hand, there are 3 technical characteristics that are decisive.

The design, the fabric and the color. We will start with these 3 why they currently make a difference. Especially the first two, since without a good design and quality fabric, it is much more difficult for you to feel comfortable and at ease with your bikini or swimsuit.

Choose the bikini according to your silhouette

If you are voluptuous, choose solid colors, the top part must have a large cup and good support. If you are not so curvaceous, make sure that the bottom of your bikini has some detail that creates a visual field of curves. And for those with little bust, strapless swimsuits are ideal because gravity will give the feeling that there is something where there is not.


Designs are becoming more important every day. Technological evolution has allowed specialized brands to create patterns that adapt to all body types. Regardless of its characteristics, whatever size it is, there is always a bikini or swimsuit that will fit us well. They are designs that adapt to the body and the difference with swimsuits that do not have this characteristic is very noticeable. If you have never tried swimsuits or bikinis from specialized brands, do it.


The fabric is the second element that is of great importance and in most fashion items it is not recognized or passed over on tiptoe. Swimsuits and bikinis are mostly made of polyamide and lycra (elastane). The two fabrics can be of different qualities and characteristics. How could it be otherwise, with higher quality, better adaptability to the body, more comfort and more durability? The density of the lycra determines the elasticity, and if this is done based on deformations or naturally.

The fabrics used are a differentiating fact, and even if it causes an increase in the final price of the garment, it pays off in the long run. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it has a much longer life than swimsuits made with low-quality fabrics.


If you have abundant hips, a good advice: stay away from the “boy shorts” (wide in the hip) and the Brazilian style “dental floss”. Play by combining printed tops and discreet bottoms, without brooches and in a single tone, to draw attention to the upper part of the body and hide the lower part. High leg cuts are more flattering than low cuts.


If you are a little overweight, look for a one-piece swimsuit with a panel that controls and compresses the abdomen, preferably with dark diagonal striped patterns that help define the silhouette.


If you have cellulite or sagging legs, you can wear a pareo. In order not to cover too much and show off your bikini, you can use fabrics or translucent ones. Other options are short skirts or shorts, which you can wear open to look more sensual. Try to contrast the color with the bottom of your bikini.


Colors are decisive at all levels. We will see that the plain and dark colors help to hide the areas that interest us and on the contrary, the bright colors, and the powerful prints, do the opposite function.

If you are wide above and below, always remember that your enemies are white, fluorescent colors, flowers, or large prints. Forget about them! One-piece and one-tone suits will be your best allies. Black always stylizes your silhouette.

Swimsuits or bikinis with vertical stripes help to stabilize, on the other hand, horizontal stripes are recommended for women with a slimmer silhouette. And who want to appear more spacious, they should visit Kameymall, they have wide range of different bikini or swimwear.