How to Detect and Solve Common Faults in Home Appliances?

Breakdowns in home appliances always happen at the worst time and can become a real headache if you don’t have a trusted repair service.You can easily detect the majority of household appliance failures since they affect the correct operation of the appliance, since it is regular and stableAny anomaly such as strange noises, fumes, dripping water, unpleasant odors are some of the signs that may indicate that the appliance is experiencing a breakdown.

Home appliance repair is usually a useful, effective and viable solution over time, as they extend the life of the household electrical appliance so that it continues to function at full capacity and thus avoid having to buy a new one. We are going to tell you what are the most common faults in these appliances (the refrigerator, the washing machine and the radiators) and how to solve them.

Engine malfunction

It is one amongst the foremost common breakdowns and can’t be avoided. The motor is a fundamental part of the icebox, but at the same time it’s one amongst the elements that’s most frequently broken since it’s in continuous operation for an outsized quantity of your time (it may be running for many years while not stopping). Precisely for this reason, it is one amongst the parts that suffer the foremost wear and therefore the greatest variety of failures, especially the piston and the cut within the coil.

How to repair it?

Engine repair has to be done by a professional refrigerator technician as it is a complicated repair and may require a complete engine change. This type of repair costs around 300 EUR, but is effective over time and avoids having to invest in a new refrigerator.

Water Loading or Spinning Problems

Detecting a fault in the washing machine related to water is very easy since the clothes are soaked or water appears in the surroundings during operationBoth breakdowns are the most common in washing machines, although the problem lies in different spaces and times of washing. The water charge can be caused by a blockage in the pipe or in the rubber, which can cause surplus or shortage of water.

How to repair it?

For both breakdowns it is essential to contact a specialized washing machine technician since they can cause more serious problems in the home if they are not solved. If you have to change some of the parts of the washing machine, it is advisable to replace them with quality parts to prolong the life of the washing machine.

Air accumulation in the radiators

The accumulation of air in the radiator takes away space for hot water, the air occupies the space that hot water should occupy and, therefore, the performance of the radiator decreases since it cannot produce the same amount of heat as full hot water inside. The performance of the radiator can be 80% less than that of other drains and in perfect operating conditions.

How to repair it?

If you perceive that the radiators do not work as they used to, you can purge them so that they release the air that accumulates inside the pipes, it is a very simple action that you can do with a flat screwdriver.This breakdown is one of the few that you can carry out by yourself, in fact, the most recommended is to purge the air of all the radiators in your home a minimum of four times a year.