The Best Ways You Can Give Back and Live a More Rewarding Life

When it comes to a rewarding life, a lot of focus is more on how you feel, and your experiences. A rewarding life for a lot of people doesn’t amount to the money you have or the number of belongings you have in your possession; it’s more about the lessons you’ve learned, the memories you’ve had, and the good practices you instill daily to make sure that you’re always feeling your best.

Making a choice to want to give back and lead a more rewarding life is the first crucial step in doing so. Already, you are seeking out personal fulfillment and reward simply by making that decision. It can be tricky to know where to start if you want to make a difference in many ways, but all that matters is that you have the right mindset and desire to do good — for others, and for yourself.

How to Help Others

Here are just some of the ways you can look to help others and give back more in your life.

Donate to Charity

Whether it’s a one-off donation, a regular membership donation, or giving unwanted items or clothing to charity, what you do will always make a difference.

Not only that, but choosing to declutter your home (and life) and give unwanted items to charity can, therefore, not only help the cause in question but also allow you to live a more personally-rewarding life knowing that you’re surrounded only by the things you need (and that the items you didn’t need went to a better cause).

If you want to take it a step further, inquire with charitable causes of how you can best help them. It might be that they need volunteers in the shop, or maybe there is a specific item they require more than others, such as clothing or books. That way, you can make sure that what you do donate — whether it is your time or any household items — can go a long way.

Be Compassionate and Positive

A little compassion goes a long way. Try to instill more kindness and positivity in everything you do, whether it’s people you work directly with, people you live with, or even strangers on the street. A simple smile can go a long way for someone who needs it. Or it may be that your determined positivity rubs off in the right way on somebody else who was feeling particularly low.

Having a more compassionate mindset means you are also more likely to embrace better practices to help others, and it will inspire others to do the same.

Make Yourself Available

Lend a kind and supportive ear whenever you can, or make it known that you’re always there should anybody need support. This is key for friends and family if you want to make sure you give back in a positive way to them by always being a comfortable and reliable presence in their lives.

You can also translate this mindset into your working environment too. No matter your job, there’s always time to listen to those who need it, whether colleagues, customers, or anyone you deal with during your work. You choose to listen and offer advice that may make all the difference at that moment.

Tailor Your Career Path to Helping People

One significant way you can truly work to help people is by pursuing a career that will let you do so daily. Many careers are tailored around helping people in a variety of ways.

Within a Healthcare Setting

Many dedicated career paths within medicine and healthcare put patients and people at the forefront of everything you do. Whether it’s working behind the scenes at a pharmacy and helping deliver the right medication, whether you’d prefer to put your bedside manner to good use on a medical ward, or if you’d like to tailor personalized care for specific families and people by becoming a family nurse practitioner, these are all examples of ways you can help within the healthcare setting. Click this link to find out more.

Within an Educational Setting

Help to shape the minds and development of other people, no matter the age group, by becoming a teacher or educational assistant within a learning environment. Reap the rewards of knowing you’ve helped somebody during their educational journey, and offered key support where it’s most needed.

Within Emergency Settings

You may want to help people in the worst possible situations by providing emergency assistance and ensuring that you have a key part in helping people, or perhaps even saving lives. Emergency service jobs are essential in helping and caring for others.

Other Public Service Jobs

These job roles are essential for providing quality service to all people within a community and ensuring that other individuals can live their lives healthily and happily. This could be anything from social work to police work. Anything which gives back to the community.

Try Voluntary Work

Many great causes around the world will always require volunteers. You should think about those causes which mean the most to you, or simply see which causes are most in need of volunteers. This kind of work, especially in another country with a completely new culture, can be extremely beneficial for your own personal outlook and help those in need, no matter the cause.

Furthermore, the experience of travel can be significantly rewarding on a personal level when it comes to voluntary work. Traveling can help you learn more about yourself and what is most important to you to live a more rewarding life for yourself.

How to Help Yourself

Living a more rewarding life isn’t just about helping others. It is also about making sure that you are caring for yourself and living the best life you can in terms of your own personal wants and needs. After all: you can’t hope to help anyone else if you’re not caring for yourself in the process.

Here are some great ways you can have a more rewarding life by helping yourself.

Know When to Say No

A lot of stress and personal unfulfillment can arise when you are constantly giving your time and energy to other people and putting yourself in situations you do not want to be in. While it’s important to try not to be completely selfish with your time and energy for those situations where others may need you, it’s also important to be selfish when it counts. There’s nothing wrong with understanding your own wellbeing and energy levels so that you know when you need to say no to certain demands of you.

You don’t have to be a people-pleaser to feel fulfilled.

Pursue Something You’re Passionate About

A truly rewarding experience in life is knowing what makes you happy and pursuing that. Whether it is a hobby or your job, having a passion is key for finding more gratification with your time and energy. To find your passion, ask yourself:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try?
  • Do you have skills you’d like to develop?
  • Is there a hobby you’d like to try for another reason, such as meeting new people or getting out of the house?
  • What is the goal of your passion: to simply enjoy as a hobby, or eventually make a career out of it?

Always take the plunge with anything you’re passionate about, which you would like to try, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. Often, it is those situations that scare you that become the most rewarding.

Be Mindful

You can often find the most reward in the little moments of the present. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future will not offer any reward apart from negativity. Instead, try mindful practices in everything you do. This could be active meditation practices every day, or it could simply be focusing on the small tasks, like how your cup of morning coffee tastes, or what’s with you in the moment when you take an afternoon walk.

Truly live in the present so that you can best appreciate it and feel grateful for everything you have. This is a rewarding practice in reminding you of all the positives in your life and enjoying simple experiences in a better way, like focusing more on the taste of your food or the sounds of nature around you.


Leading a rewarding life and helping others is about finding a happy balance between what makes you happy, the amount of energy you can devote, and the specific ways in which you want to help people. Sometimes, helping others may be exhausting or stressful, but ultimately make you happy with the result if you’ve truly made a difference. At other times, it may be about finding fulfillment in more relaxing ways whilst concentrating on your own wellbeing.

Either way, always be open to new practices, whether with other people in need or with yourself.


How to Order An Electric Bike Online

So, you’ve been hearing all the buzz about mens electric bikes for sale and now you want one. Or maybe you’re adding another one to your collection. Shopping online is the fastest and smartest way to get your hands on a new bike. But since you’re not shopping in person, how do you ensure that you choose a model that fits both your body and your needs? Believe it or not, achieving this is much easier than you may think. This quick guide can help you make sense of your options and choose the best electric bike for you.

The Low-Down on Electric Bikes

Electric bikes come in two basic types: standard two-wheelers and tricycles for adults. Both types are equipped with electric motors, with most rated at 250 watts or 500 watts. Direct-drive hub motors and geared hub motors are the most common, but you may also see mid-drive electric motors.

Many of the motors offer two modes: pedal assist and full electric. With pedal assist, you’ll still need to do some pedaling. However, the motor adds a little extra “oomph” to supplement your own power. In full electric mode, the motor does all the work for you. Either way, that electric power can be useful. You can choose how much power you exert. If you’re commuting, you’ll also avoid consuming fuel and generating emissions.

Getting the Proper Fit

Just like standard models, ebike models are designed to support riders within specific height and weight ranges. Their designs also account for arm and leg length so that riders enjoy optimum comfort. When shopping for your ebike, check out each style’s rider fit details. If you’re 4 feet 11 inches tall, for instance, you won’t want a bike designed for riders between 5 and 6 feet tall. This is also true for bigger and taller men: Review the upper height and weight specs to ensure that your new ebike supports your body type. Some retailers let you check to see if a bike will fit before purchasing. With sixthreezero’s Body Fit feature, for example, you just enter your height and weight.

Shopping for Your Riding Style

All electric bicycles are not alike. Besides proper fit, you must also consider your riding style when you shop. Looking over the specs for each bike, you may also see recommendations for riding frequency, pace, distance and surfaces. One great example is sixthreezero’s Around the Block 250W. Ideal for recreation and commuting, this ebike an upright and relaxed riding position. With an extra-wide saddle and engineered foam, the seat perfectly balances softness and support. With these specs, this model was definitely designed for comfort.

Online retailers have made it easier than ever to shop for your next ebike. Reviewing technical specs and rider recommendations is key, but you should also check each model’s fit before you buy. Some electric bike dealers offer financing options so you can pay for your new bike over time. With so many features and benefits, an ebike is definitely a worthwhile investment. Look for a dealer with free shipping, an easy returns policy and sound warranties.


5 Reasons Why Online Shopping is So Popular

We are all suffering because of the current global pandemic, which has turned many people to shopping online, as this eliminates human contact, but prior to Covid-19, e-commerce was growing exponentially, and here are a few of the reasons why.

  1. The Lowest Prices – The online store does not have the overheads of the traditional retailer, therefore, they can offer lower prices, very often at trade. Some online stores simply have the product sent directly from the manufacturer, which cuts out the middleman completely. Take CMC Gold’s baby keepsake shop as an example, they offer top quality goods at very low prices and family businesses are able to do this, which is great for the customer. When you shop online, you shop at your own pace, and if you are not entirely satisfied with your choice, sleep on it and decide the next day.
  2. Greater Choice – The online store can display much more than a bricks and mortar shop, giving you more in the way of choices, with hundreds of products in the average e-commerce store. The online store can easily add to their inventory, indeed most do, and there isn’t anything you can’t buy online, and with Google, you can source everything. If you run a business, here are a few tips to help you understand your customers.
  3. Secure Payments – All e-commerce websites use SSL Certificates, to ensure customers’ financial data is secure, plus you are insured with your credit card provider, so online shopping is safer than other forms of transactions. When e-commerce first emerged, people were naturally wary of paying for something remotely with no guarantee the sender would dispatch the goods, yet things have changed and today, the online shopper is fully covered for every eventuality. Here is a link to the Australian government website about cyber-security, which is worth reading.
  4. Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 – When you shop online, there is zero human contact, with perhaps the exception of receiving the goods on your doorstep, but social distancing takes care of that. Rather than having to visit a high-risk area like a shopping mall, you can simply Google away until you find what you want, and a secure online payment will see your items packaged and shipped to your door. Make sure to keep up to date with current Covid-19 state restrictions, which might be put into place at any time.
  5. Sheer Convenience – There’s nothing that can touch online shopping regarding comfort and convenience, sitting in your lounge, browsing items, and you shop at your pace, with no salespeople pressuring you to commit. You could think about the purchase for a few days, as when you return to the online store, the items will still be in your shopping cart, and you decide when to make the purchase, if at all.

One thing we can be sure about; online shopping is here to stay, and soon automated drones will be delivery products in all developed countries, making it easier than ever to order what you desire.


How to Face the Challenges of Getting Older

Many young people look forward to getting older and to retirement. However, getting older is not always the utopian dream that it is expected to be, and there are many challenges that older people have to overcome before they can settle down to enjoy their senior years. Here are some of the main challenges that you may face in the future and how you can overcome them.

Loss of independence

Many older people find that they cannot look after themselves or that they need help often. However, it is possible to overcome this and still live a fulfilled life by looking at the retirement living options near you. At assisted and independent living facilities such as Premier Senior Communities, they can help you to get access to all of the services that you need in one place, while allowing you to retain the independence that you have built up over a lifetime.

Coping with health conditions

Many of us will have to deal with a health condition at some point. To make sure that your quality of life remains consistent after a diagnosis, you should seek familial support, visit your doctor regularly, ask for help when you need it, and conduct research about your condition. It would be good to know what you can expect to happen in the future.

Mental health issues

Mental health issues are often associated with younger people. However, the amount of mental health issues that are developing in seniors is rising. In fact, 2 million older Americans are living with depression. You can cope with the symptoms of mental health issues by continuing to socialize, talking to a professional about your emotions, and using a mental health helpline if you need urgent help.

Financial problems

Although you might believe that your finances will be sorted when you hit retirement, this is not always the case. Instead, 25 million Americans are financially insecure. To make sure that you can achieve financial stability in your later years, you should set up a pension as early as possible and make deposits into this fund regularly. You should also pay off any outstanding debts before retirement, and seek financial aid if you are struggling.

Changing lifestyle

Many people struggle to accept that their lifestyle might change as they get older, especially if they are dealing with a health condition. However, there are also many ways that you can stick to the routine that you have always enjoyed. For instance, you may be able to hire a home help service, or services such as cleaning, gardening, and food delivery. These can help you to complete your responsibilities without putting a strain on yourself.

Loss of driving license

Many people do not factor in the loss of their driving license in their plans. However, many older people with health conditions cannot continue to drive for their own safety. So research the public transport links to your area, as well as any transport services which can help you travel to vital locations, such as the supermarket or the medical center.

Inability to keep up with technology

Modern life is quickly evolving and this can have a negative impact on the ability of older people to thrive. Then, you should sign up to local computer sessions at your library, ask your loved ones to teach you about technology, and consider investing in the latest gadgets that can help you to access the services and information that you need.


Preparing for Retirement in 10 Easy Steps

Retirement is a huge milestone that comes with massive changes that many people just aren’t ready for, either financially or emotionally. To help ensure that you are ready, you’ll want to start preparing for your retirement as soon as possible. Preparation is key if you want to enjoy your golden years without having to worry about financial burdens or problematic health concerns before your time.

To help you prepare for your retirement, follow these 10 steps. It’s never too early or late to start, so make preparations today.

Start a Personal Pension Plan

You can start at 45 and have a healthy pension fund for yourself by the time you retire. Add this personal pension on top of the government and employer pension you have been working towards for your entire adult life, and you should be relatively comfortable financially. All this, of course, without cashing in your physical assets such as your home.

Of course, if you start earlier, the savings and pension will grow exponentially just due to the time it is accruing interest for. Starting early and saving even just $50 a month in your twenties can help you save a substantial amount of money by the time you retire.

Improve Your Passive Incomes

Passive incomes are great ways to further increase your pension and savings even further without any additional effort on your part. You could own part of a business and earn dividends, for example, or own stock. You could create digital assets, or even keep your home and rent it out. All of these are great passive incomes to help keep you going and enjoy your retirement without worrying about outliving your savings.

Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

It is never too early to improve your health. By starting early, you can help improve how you feel from tomorrow onwards. Similarly, there is never a better time to start than today, even if you are closing in on your retirement age.

Healthy eating is the most crucial. Cutting out unhealthy temptations and reducing them to treats, rather than daily indulgences, can help you improve your health from the inside and out. It will help you feel better, look younger, and be more agile as you age.

With exercise, however, you will want to be careful. Certain exercises, such as running, can be very hard on the joints especially as you get older. Switch over and find alternatives that are careful with your body as you feel strain. Water aerobics, for example, are great for those with joint issues and can help you stay fit and healthy.

Increase Your Social Circles

Social isolation can happen to us at any age, but those who are retired and have advanced health concerns are hit the hardest. It isn’t just about making friends, you also have to deal with limited mobility and health complications.

That is why you need to work to improve your social circles now. Join a volunteer organization, or a group, or even a sports team. By building up your social circles you have options available to you the second you retire, instead of needing to build them up later on.

If you have waited till after your retirement, however, don’t worry. There are thousands of people in the same situation who are looking to meet new people and try new activities. Just get out there and sign up.

Downsize Your Home

There is no reason to deal with the full financial burden of a family home when your children no longer live at home. You don’t have to get rid of your house and sell it, but you should look into downsizing. Downsizing makes it easier for you to live and handle the ever-increasing difficulty of chores as you get older. Rent it out as a whole, or rent it out by room. Either way, you can often use the rental of a family home to cover the costs of maintenance, as well as the cost of a small apartment.

Make Fun Plans for Your Retirement

Have activities to look forward to when you retire! Plan a big, around-the-world trip you have always wanted to go on but never had the time. It’ll allow you to welcome your retirement with a bang and shift your mindset from working to living.

Choose Your Assisted Living Home

If you have health complications now, then it only stands to reason that they will get worse as you get older. Rather than look for an apartment, you should instead look into assistant living programs that will help you live independently, try new activities, and meet new people; but also provides the additional personal and healthcare support you will need as you age. There are some truly great options out there that make your retirement bliss, instead of a struggle, but you will need to find the best one for you and book a spot in advance.

Take Advantage of Social Opportunities for Retirees

No matter where you live or your living situation, you will be shocked to find how many social opportunities there are for retirees. Even without dedicated social events such as morning walks or trips, you can meet new people by taking classes, volunteering, and generally just getting out there and seeing what happens. Be committed to doing this before you retire, so you actually go through the motions. Getting started is the most difficult part; once you’ve done that you’ll find many people willing to socialize and spend their day with you.

Set Up Your Will

You will want to set up your will ideally once you have children, but if you haven’t or want to update it now that you have retired, now is the perfect time. This way, your will can better reflect your assets and who you want to bequeath your estate to.

Settle Your Estate

In the process of setting up your will, you will come across concerns that you will want to settle so that your loved ones aren’t footed with the bill. Settle your estate so that they can get as much as possible after you die. It’s the last act of good will you can do for them, and doing it early means you don’t need to worry later on.


The Pros and Cons of Binge-Watching TV Shows

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It’s 1 am, we have to get up for work early in the morning but the episode that has just finished ended on such a cliff hanger that you gasped and startled the cat, who was sensibly asleep like you should be. You’ll tell yourself “just one more”, and before you know it, you are 4 cups of coffee down by 7 am and are using matchsticks to keep your eyes propped up at your computer screen.

Sound familiar?

Binge-watching a great TV show is addictive and exciting, but, surprise surprise, also has some downsides.

This piece will take you through the pros and cons of binge-watching your favourite TV program, so you can go on to ignore the cons and focus on the pros indefinitely.

You are welcome.

Binge Watching Shows Facilitates a Social Connection

You read that right. Despite the fact, you may not have changed out of your joggers for 24 hours and counting, and god forbid if anyone tries to facetime you, your binge-watching session will help you improve your social life.

When we binge-watch a show, especially when it is trending, viewers create somewhat of a sense of community. There is this common ground where people can discuss this mutual interest indefinitely, including theories, ideas, and the fact that episode 13 could NOT have just ended like that.

Interestingly, romantic relationships also benefit from binge-watching, which is not only extremely friendly on the wallet but helps foster quality time together based on something that is mutually enjoyable, and not mentally taxing.

That being said, too much time in front of a screen can cause mental health issues and can also lead to loneliness, so it is good to take a break and get out into the real world for a little bit.

Binge-Watching a Show Can Be More Fulfilling

One way to get right into a story or the characters is to have a fully immersive binging session. When we leave gaps in between episodes, we have time to re-adjust and fall out of this precious zone that watching one episode after the next creates. Things are much easier to follow when we follow episodes directly after one another and getting to know the characters is like an unbroken stream, which can make the whole experience of the show more fulfilling.

However, there is also evidence to suggest that others found it less fulfilling to watch a show all in one go, and much preferred the anticipation between each episode.

This pro and con seemingly boil down to preference, however, if you are pro binge and everything comes to a devastating halt when it is over, why not look at getting involved in a fandom or taking a tour around a shows production location to keep the magic alive?

Binge Watching Helps with Stress Relief

For a great stress-busting activity, binge-watching one of your favourite shows is a great way to “switch the brain off”, tuning out the stresses and pressures of everyday life. Watching your favourite show also releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is great for relaxing our mind.

That being said, don’t get carried away.

Sitting down for too long, not sleeping enough and snacking on unhealthy stuff to keep watching a show is not good for your mental health in the long run, so make sure to turn the TV off if your sofa starts to form a mould around your body.



Choosing the Right Senior Care

When searching for the right senior care facility for your elderly relative, it’s important to look out for certain things. It can be a difficult transition for some, as many seniors can be reluctant to move into a new residence later in life. However, sometimes this is necessary if they can no longer look after themselves or are living in isolation from others. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing the right care facility for your senior family members.

Type of Care Required

Not every senior citizen needs the same kind of care, and some individuals are still able to live independently but are looking for companionship in their later years. There are various types of senior residential facilities to choose from – some are for those looking to remain independent, others focus on memory care, or can assist with daily tasks such as grooming or cooking. It’s important you that keep in mind the needs of your elderly relative when you discuss the care available at Select Senior Care.


Location is another important factor when finding the right care facility. You should choose a residence that is close to yourself or other relatives, as this will make visitations much easier and will be beneficial in case of an emergency. You must also consider how far your senior relative is willing to move from their current location, as sometimes long-distance moves aren’t possible or ideal. Where possible, you should always include your elderly relative in this discussion to make sure the location of their new home is right for them.


Take the time to look at the reviews for each senior care facility you visit, and if you can, ask the relatives of other senior residents for their feedback. You must have peace of mind that your relative will be taken care of and remain comfortable in their new home. Reviews will give you a more well-rounded perspective of the residential facility than a tour or leaflet offered by the facility.


Your elderly relative might be able to contribute to the costs as well, so sit down with them and work out a budget before you start visiting sites and make your decision. You don’t want to risk your relative having to move yet again a year or so later because you can no longer afford to keep up with the payments, so make sure you get your finances in order and be honest about what kind of price range you can afford long-term.

Facilities and Extra Services

Finally, look at what is on offer at each senior care residence you visit. The majority offer activities like gardening, movie nights, and some even organize day trips for residents, too. These extra services and facilities are just important as the basic care requirements your relative needs, as it’s important that they have a good quality of life and have access to entertainment for their morale.

It can be a difficult task to choose the right senior care for your relatives, but you must take the time to look out for the things listed above so they can receive the best care and quality of life in their later years.


Check out these games and get paid to play!

Did you know that you can earn real money for playing Fortnite? If you’re interested in learning how you can get paid to play and the types of games which you can play for money, simply continue reading.

Check out these games and get paid to play!


If you’ve never heard of Fortnite, you must be living under a rock as Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. If you’ve spent hundreds of hours taking part in last man standing style Fortnite battles, you can bet on yourself to win Fortnite matches. In order to win real money. So if you think that you have what it takes to survive a Fortnite bloodbath and to shoot your way to glory, you may be able to make money playing Fortnite.


If you’re more into more serious shooters such as PUBG, you’re also in luck as you can also bet on yourself to win PUGB games. If you are tempted to start playing PUBG for money it’s a great idea to practice your most played map over and over, till you know it like the back of your hand. As if you know every inch of a map, you’ll know the best vantage points to head to and the areas where your enemies may try to trap you or catch you off guard.

Halo 5:

If you’re a fan of the Halo franchise and have clocked up countless hours playing Halo 5, you’ll also be able to bet on yourself to win Halo 5 games. Especially if your go to games are first person shooters and you’re able to make accurate head shots and to quickly gun down multiple enemies within a few short seconds.

League of Legends:

Whether you’ve been playing League of Legends for a decade or you’ve recently started playing League of Legends as part of a team, it’s well worth placing a bet on the outcome of one of your upcoming League of Legends games. If you’re new to placing bets on your games, you may want to start off with betting on your team to defeat your opposition. However, once you become more familiar with your betting options you may want to place riskier bets such as betting on yourself to make the most kills in a match.

Dota 2:

Another popular game which you can play for cash is Dota 2. If you’ve never played Dota 2, it features a competitive, multiplayer battle arena and takes place in a beautifully animated fantasy world. If you enjoy playing League of Legends, it’s also worth playing Dota 2 for cash.


CS:GO which is also known as Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first person shooter which is well worth playing if you already enjoy playing PUBG. As it’s a realistic first person shooter which you’ll love if you’re a sharpshooter.

So if you thought it was impossible to get paid in order to play games for cash, think again. As you’re able to win money playing most high profile games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Halo 5, Dota 2 and PUBG.


Types of Accommodation for the Elderly

While it might seem a long way off now, one day we will all reach the point when we have to think about downsizing our home and moving to more manageable accommodation. Life has an unfortunate tendency of creeping up on us so it’s best to try and think forward to plan how you might want to live in the future.

Most people find that the family home becomes too big once their children inevitably fly the nest and, as they get older, larger properties often become unmanageable. Having an idea now where you might want to live in your later stages of life will allow you to plan – both financially and emotionally — for the idea of changing property.

Alternatively, you may have a relative who is nearing the stage in life where they need to make decisions on where to live. While it’s often difficult to persuade an elderly relative to leave home, the facilities below will give you peace of mind they’re in safe hands and being well looked after.

Choosing which accommodation is right for you

Life events often play a part in the choice of which accommodation best suits the elderly. For example, health problems might require accommodation with a greater level of on-site care. Also, the death of a spouse often leads to loneliness which can be countered by moving into a community of people in comparable circumstances, of a similar age.

Loneliness in the aged is tremendously common and can bring about other, associated health problems. Indeed, a 2018 study found a direct correlation between loneliness and ill health (or even death), across both men and women.

Depending on circumstances, there are two main accommodation options open to the aged – assisted or independent living. Each has its advantages, however, the debate between independent living vs assisted living often comes down to the relative health of the individual.

If a person is still fit and well, independent living offers the chance to feel part of a community again and build new friendships. Alternatively, those in ill health will likely benefit more from an assisted lifestyle.

Independent living communities

In an independent living facility, residents are free to live a near-normal life, only surrounded by a community of like-minded, similar-aged retirees. Independent living is the perfect solution for individuals who are still active and capable of performing most tasks, but who perhaps miss the company of others or are looking to make new friendships.

Independent living offers private serviced accommodation but with an option for support on hand should it be required. For example, residents can request assistance with cooking, cleaning or laundry. Also, residents typically organize activities suitable for older people — like swimming or dancing — to stay busy, fit and healthy and help build a strong community spirit.

Independent living offers the perfect solution between homeownership and moving to more assisted nursing-type care. All the facilities are there, but you only take them if you need them.

Assisted living facilities

In assisted living, the focus moves 100% to care for the individual, including everything from health care to personal care. Assisted living is best suited to those who have lost mental or physical capacities and need daily help to look after themselves.

For example, if a person is having difficulty showering or eating, aid will be available in an assistive care facility to help them live the fullest life possible. Varying levels of care and assistance can be provided, depending on the condition of the individual.


Xbox Series X Review

The Xbox Series X is set for release in December 2020. Everybody, including gamers who play Vulkan Vegas online, is dying to see what Microsoft has to bring to the table, and how it will fare against its rival, the PlayStation 5. We’ll walk you through everything we know about the new console so far.

The new Xbox is definitely going to be more powerful than its predecessors. While still in development, we know that the console can run discs and it can also run games from old Xbox consoles, which the PlayStation could not do.


Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox team, said that the Xbox Series X is going to be the most powerful that has ever been built—he further mentioned that it is going to be the fastest there ever was. The team is confident that the new console will set a new bar of high in the gaming industry.

All in all, we know that this new device is going to be four times more powerful than its predecessor. Here are the specs of the Xbox Series X:

  • Processor – will use the Navi processor manufactured by AMD. This is a custom-designed processor only found on Xbox machines.
  • Memory – the box is equipped with GDDR6 RAM. It is the latest in-memory technology, which means that the console can hold more information temporarily and give your faster performance.
  • Optical drive – like the PS5, the new Xbox has an optical drive that can read gaming discs and Blu-ray discs like movies.

It also uses SSD instead of HDD, which means that the storage device no longer uses memory platters. Now, it uses chips and we can expect it to last longer. In terms, of visuals, the Xbox X can produce 8K visuals—much better than the 4K that is being touted regularly in other devices. This device is so fast that it can render 120 frames per second.

The Project xCloud

One of the key components that this new console is preparing for is Project xCloud. This is still in development, but it planned to work alongside the new console.

The Xbox Team wants players in the near future to be able to play anywhere and on any device—it is like streaming a movie on Netflix, but these are games instead of movies. This software is in testing mode and players can participate in the dry-runs.

The Project xCloud allows you to play on your mobile phone through the Xbox engine. For as long as you are online, you can access your favorite games and play with anyone in the world.

The Design

It seems like there is a new trend in the gaming industry—the console stands vertically as opposed to the previous generations where the devices were horizontal.

The console and its controllers are pure black. It looks like a PC tower, and it is a perfect rectangle with no curves. On the side is the slot for the Blu-ray, and the bottom of the console houses the slots for the USB. If you do not like black, it also comes in a combination of white and grey.

This should not be a problem since the console can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Those who have entertainment systems that have a provision for horizontal set-up should be fine.


This console is not exclusive to newly developed games. It can play games from the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox 1. It is also compatible to work with all your Xbox One accessories, so you no longer have to buy new ones.

Even its new controller, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, is compatible with old consoles. If you are a registered gamer in the Xbox world, all your achievements and gaming records will be carried over to the new console.


This is a widely anticipated consoles this year. Players are definitely going to be torn apart between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Which of the two consoles will reign supreme? Only time will tell.

The first game launched in the series is Halo infinite. All who purchase the new console will automatically have access to this game. We are not sure if the game is given away as a disc or as an accessible game online.

This is not to say that there are no other games available. There are many developers who are working on games for this new platform. However, the Head of Xbox dd did not want to speak on their behalf.