What is IT Project Management?

IT project management (ITPM) is the method of managing the set up, organization, and answerability to attain data technology goals. Since the reach of IT spans across most of a business or enterprise, the scope of those comes are often massive and sophisticated.

The magnitude of IT project management typically implies that it’s over simply applying data, orienting skills, and victimization regular tools and techniques to drive a project to completion. IT project managers cope with the challenges of dependent integrations, fast technology upgrades, and version changes that may occur throughout the project timeline.

What is IT Project Management?

As implicitly higher than, associate degree IT projects are often any sort of project that deals with IT infrastructure, data systems, or engineering. this could embrace computer code development activities, appreciate programming a straightforward mobile app or an oversized scale computer code.

IT project management for beginners generally involves internet development, as well as changing an online page, making a web searching web site, or perhaps developing a whole internet infrastructure.


What skills get laid project managers need?

To achieve success, IT project managers would like a spread of each technical and soft skill. First, they have IT data and experience; they have to be knowledgeable hardware, software, networking, infrastructure, and knowledge and network security. They conjointly would like the power to investigate and draw conclusions from knowledge so as to develop effective solutions. Since they’re liable for budgeting, allocating resources, and managing knowledge and therefore the timeline for the project, IT project managers conjointly should be wonderful and extremely organized planners. Technical skills aren’t the sole kind these project managers would like, though. Because the de facto leaders of their project groups, they conjointly should possess wonderful communication, people, and leadership skills. These soft skills are significantly vital considering IT project managers may fit with a spread of outdoor groups among the organization; appreciate those responsible for business knowledge, security and compliance, and procurance.

Unique Challenges of IT Project Management

IT project management deals with a spread of problems. It winds up interfacing with several different aspects of a company, appreciating business administration, human resources, finance and different departments among the organization and entities that are outside of the business. This presents a variety of pressing issues with high stakes, for if the technology goes down, then a whole business will become unfit.

Changing Technology

There’s the challenge that it’s a volatile business, with a rate of amendment that may be dizzying. Technology is infamous for turning obsolete once it rolls off the mechanical system; therefore IT project management should be ready for this inevitable amendment. The change is also related to the way businesses work and conduct operations, especially in the case of pandemic around the globe. There is a sharp rise in the remote hiring of new talent. To manage the same for delivery of each project on time, make the best of the remote employee monitoring software from the best trustable sources online.


Another hurdle that IT project management has got to clear is communication between groups. This is often a retardant with all comes, frankly, however with IT there are typically distributed groups who work remotely, typically in numerous time zones, that solely aggravates things. Having clear and effective communication channels is essential for fulfillment on any IT project.


Transparency is very important, too, because the focus in its sharp. Having transparency across the project, with clear deadlines, helps groups incorporate new technology or answer amendments quickly and effectively.

Lack of Agreement on Methodology

But one in every of the largest problems is that several organizations aren’t applying IT project management to their careers, that is like sailing a ship while not a rudder. While not a method or methodology, no matter that may be comes go off-track and over budget. Having an associate degree IT project manager who defines method, roles and associated degreed tools is the opening to the success of an IT project.

IT Project Management Methodologies

There appear to be several project management methodologies. They break down into 2 larger camps, though: ancient and untraditional strategies. Let’s begin with the normal water technique, that breaks down the tasks during a project into a line of ordered project phases, and every of those phases depends on the delivery of the one before it.

Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall is that the go-to methodology for many IT comes. Whereas it’s a project management technique found in massive comes outside of IT, it conjointly lends itself to that comes and has been tested a productive approach for formal and linear projects.

Waterfall has been around since it absolutely was written during a paper printed in 1970 by Dr. Winston W. Royce. The water model has six stages:

  • Requirements: initial, the wants are known, analyzed and written up during a necessities document, process what’s being done and the way it’s to be done. This can be reviewed by stakeholders.
  • Design: consecutive step is to document what was set within the initial stage during a style document that notes everything required to complete the project.
  • Implementation: The IT project manager and team execute the planning document, jutting to specifications, procedures and timelines.
  • Testing: this is often once deliverables from the project are measured against the standards set within the style document and stakeholders, sort of a quality check. If not met, then the method starts once more.
  • Installation: If the tests are passed, then the project is prepared for unleash to the end-user. The merchandise ought to be absolutely operational at now.
  • Maintenance: Most IT comes don’t finish with delivery: they typically need support once installation, whether or not updates or upgrades, although often this is often tasked to a separate team.

Tips for productive IT Project Management

Successful IT project management combines the implementation of ordinary project management best practices with the art of managing conflict, change, expectations, and more.

The first step is choosing a project management methodology that matches the abilities of your team and therefore the project objectives. Once you’ve got that set, here are some tips to assist creating your next IT project a success:

During initiation: make certain you’ve got assessed whether or not the project could be a smart use of resources and whether the project outcome can satisfy a business would like.

During planning: Complete your project charter, and have an honest understanding of task dependencies and the way lost milestones might impact overall timelines.

During execution: Over-communicate and host daily stand-up conferences to debate standing and any project blockers.

During monitor and control: make sure you have the correct PM tool in situ that permits you to watch progress in real time.

During closeout: Do a project retrospective that answers what went well, what might are higher, and what you’d amend next time.