Business Growth and Success As An Entrepreneur

If you’re feeling a little burnt out and stressed as a result of some of the harrowing challenges which you may be currently facing as an entrepreneur, continue reading to discover how you can push through and achieve success like, Erik Gordon, despite the setbacks which you are currently facing.

Business growth and success as an entrepreneur: Helpful tips to keep yourself on track in difficult times

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be able to focus properly on your business

If you’re currently going through a difficult experience such as being forced to face a potentially serious lawsuit or struggling to find capital for your business, it’s crucial to make the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As if you get adequate sleep and rest and consume a healthy diet and work out at least 4-5 days a week you’ll have far more energy to push through the challenges which you’re tackling at the moment.

If you often find yourself feeling stressed out, it may be a great idea to wake up an hour earlier each morning in order to get an energizing workout out under your belt. Which will ensure that you’re ready to give your business tasks 100% of your energy and focus?

  1. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to trusted individuals

If you’re feeling stressed out it’s also a wise decision to entrust some of the business tasks on your plate to trusted individuals who you are confident will do a great job, with the responsibilities which you assign them with. Especially if you are committed to pursuing business growth whilst tackling a serious short-term problem such as a lawsuit.

  1. Ask your management team for valuable input

You may also want to consider asking your management team or executive team for their suggestions on how you can take your business to the next level. As some of your trusted senior employees may be able to provide your business with innovative, brand new solutions which will help your business grow from strength to strength.

If one of your employees comes up with a particularly good idea, you may want to assign them the task of overseeing the project which they came up with. Although you may want to assign them a team to work with in order for them to successfully turn their innovative idea into a reality.

  1. Make yourself a list of all your achievements as an entrepreneur

If your current battles are causing yourself to doubt yourself, you can instantly change your mindset by compiling a list of business achievements which you’re achieved as an entrepreneur. Remember that the more positive you’re able to be when you face adversity, the more likely your business is to grow. So if you ever feel pessimistic or defeated it’s well worth reminding yourself of your many successes as an entrepreneur.

So if you thought it was impossible to achieve growth and success as an entrepreneur whilst you’re facing negative obstacles, think again as there are still plenty of ways to take your business to the next level. You just have to think creatively.

4 Essential Types of Footwear That Every Man Should Own

The stereotypical male is not likely to have a closet full of shoes and boots. Even so, there is no such thing as a pair of shoes that are perfect for all occasions. Even men who prefer to live simply need footwear that’s right for whatever they plan on doing next. Here are examples of four kinds of shoes by Merrell that need to be on hand at all times.

Something For the Workplace

The type of footwear you need for work depends on the nature of your employment. Men who work in offices need at least one or two pair of dress shoes for men that will go with their suits and other office attire.

Men who work construction and other types of outdoor jobs will need footwear designed to hold up well to the elements and provide protection for the feet. Even men who work inside in casual settings will want shoes that offer excellent support while they walk and stand on hard concrete floors most of the day.

Something For Exercising

There are shoes by Merrell designed for all sorts of physical exercise. A pair of walking shoes are fine for working out in the gym. The same is true for a pair of running shoes. They should provide excellent arch support, cushion the feet, and allow for a reasonable amount of air flow. Doing so eases stress on the ankles and lower legs, allowing you to get more benefits from your workouts.

Something for the Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is good for the mind as well as the body. Camping, hiking, or even doing yardword all require investing in shoes for men that are durable, comfortable, and hold up to a lot of wear. The same is true if you enjoy hunting and fishing.

It doesn’t hurt if they also keep your feet warm when the temperature is cooler. Always keep at least one pair of high-quality outdoor boots on hand.

Something For Formal Occasions

Even if you work in an office, your footwear will not be sufficient for any type of formal occasion. The black dress shoes that look so good at work will not look as nice when you slip into a tuxedo. It’s important to invest in a pair of formal shoes that will ensure you are properly dressed from head to toe.

Your best bet is to go with a pair of basic black formal shoes by Merrell rather than trying to go with anything that is currently trendy. Fads pass, but basic black is always in vogue. The right type of shoe design paired with a tuxedo you can dress up a little with the right accessories will serve you well for years.

Now women are desperate about choosing these or that pairs of shoes, Josef Seibel, Ara, Beautifeel, Clarks, etc. Men don’t need a huge collection of footwear to be well-dressed and prepared for anything. All they need is a few basic shoes for men that work for the types of activities they are likely to engage in sometime during the year. Take a good look at your collection today. If it’s lacking anything, it’s time to do a little shoe shopping.

What Your Favorite Celebrities Are Driving

Since you just passed your online defensive driving course, you might be in the market for a new car. With so many options to choose from, getting overwhelmed is easy. So, why not make the decision process a little simpler by choosing a car based on what your favorite celebrity is driving?

Whether you’re an action movie fan or a rom com aficionado who knows the best tips for driving in New York, chances are you have a favorite celebrity. After all, they are the perfect role models to emulate. Below, you’ll find a list of your – potentially – favorite celebrities and the incredibly expensive car they drive.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 2018 Ford Mustang

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drives a 2018 Ford Mustang. Who would have guessed one of the strongest actors in Hollywood was a fan of muscle cars? Whenever he’s not taming giant gorillas in movies or hanging from a skyscraper, Johnson is cruising the hills of Hollywood in his black, Ford Mustang.

Meryl Streep – Toyota Prius with Hybrid Engine

Often regarded as the manifestation of regalness, Meryl Streep drives a Toyota Prius with a Hybrid Engine. It’s a humble car choice for someone of her status. As a known advocate, the only thing more important to her than acting is saving the environment. 

Tom Hardy – Audi R8

From his recent film as the villain Venom, you might not have guessed Tom Hardy would drive an Audi R8. However, the evil Hollywood heart throb has a fascination with Italian sports cars. He’s also known to drive an array of other cars from his collection of unique, expensive vehicles.

Cate Blanchett – Another Toyota Prius

Cate Blanchett has made appearances in some big films this year. Such as Thor: Ragnarok, Ocean’s Eight, and The House with a Clock on its Wall. But, her massive fandom doesn’t convince her to drive anything other than a Toyota Prius. Making good movies is just as good as making good environmental decisions. 

Bradley Cooper – Mercedes G55

Bradley Cooper is everyone’s favorite hunky Hollywood crush. When he’s not playing a rugged, conflicted cowboy, he’s strutting his comedic chops. You can catch him driving around town in his Mercedes G55, which is also known as Bradley Cooper of cars.

Viola Davis – Mercedes Benz

Viola Davis is the star of the hit show How to Get Away with Murder. Among other notable roles, she’s fan favorite of murder mystery shows. This explains why she drives a Mercedes Benz. It’s a sturdy, luxury vehicles for someone with a sturdy luxurious career.

Robert De Niro – Audi RS7

You might have expected Robert De Niro to drive a taxi, but he actually drives an Audi RS7 – among other vehicles in his collection. He’s a known car collector, but oddly enough left the taxi driving behind him.

Emma Stone – Another Audi

Emma Stone drives an Audi but based on her driving record could end soon. Driving an Audi could invite reckless driving because of their high velocity, but that’s a small risk Stone is taking.

Chris Hemsworth – Cadillac Escalade

Known for his beloved role as Thor in the Thor film franchise, Chris Hemsworth would drive something equivalent to his burly build. The Cadillac Escalade is his choice for driving him and his family around town. Its large size is an allegory for his large muscles. 

Amy Adams – Yet Another Audi  

It turns out that a lot of celebrities drive an Audi. Amy Adams is no different either. Whenever you aren’t seeing her in the movies, you can catch Adams in her Audi. If she doesn’t like the car for its speed, she likes it for the A alliteration.

Gender Neutral Fashion Wave Sweeping The Globe

Is Fashion Heading For A Gender Neutral Revolution?

Despite growing awareness around the world of gender fluidity, there are industries that lag behind. The fashion industry is still binary with designs.

Like it or not, fashion is a profoundly important part of our lives. The clothing you wear is a declaration of who you are, no matter where you go, and what you do. If you happen to be wearing the hottest fashion lines from Paris, or a few items thrown together from a local thrift shop, the items you’ve chosen are going to impact how the world sees you.

But fashion goes beyond this, and is being seen in a whole new light. A number of fashion brands are taking a big step, and offering unisex clothing items that don’t fit into the standard binary categories. With the LGBTQ community having asked for gender-neutral clothing for years, the answers are finally coming. But just how far reaching an impact will this have, and what could it mean for the fashion industry of the future?

Beyond Fashion Norms

The vast majority of clothing stores across the globe are still divided into very distinct male and female departments. This is the accepted norm of the fashion world, with designers specifically designing each item of clothing to fit into one category or the other. But the new trend sweeping the globe is a blurring of these distinct lines, and allowing aspects of one to cross over into the other, and vice versa.

A number of popular brands have already started experimenting; with Alessandro Michele, Raf Simons and Rick Owens of world-renowned luxury brand Gucci pushing what has commonly been the accepted standard. Male models on the catwalks are wearing skirts, although it can be argued that skirts were already a thing in Scotland a long time ago. The point being that what was once separate is now being mixed, and it seems to speak of an interesting future for the general world of fashion. At least to some extent.

A Filter Down Effect

Although many will obviously stick to the more standard binary designs of fashion, the unisex and genderless articles of clothing are very likely to filter down, and change the core of fashion in the long term. Given that trends change drastically regardless, with hot fashion being here today, gone tomorrow, and what was trendy today being seen as outrageous just a decade or two later, unisex designs are almost certainly likely to be adopted across the board, and have a long lasting impact.

In other words; unisex clothing is likely here to stay, in some form or another, and will reshape the future of fashion for everyone.


Interestingly enough and contrary to popular belief, the current trend of unisex clothing is not new. A Los Angeles based label called 69, which is run by a designer who prefers to stay anonymous and let the fashion speak for itself, released unisex clothing as far back as 2014. Though as much buzz was not heard back then, simply because the items were not specifically labelled as being gender fluid, or non-demographic, as the designer known as 69 prefers to call it.

Today, however, with the buzz words entering into the mainstream, a number of brands have popped up, specialising in clothing that may be worn by both genders. Some of these brands include Merwe Mode, Not Equal, Mevrou & Co, Tilly and William, and many more.

It remains to be seen exactly how much of an impact the new fashion trend will have, how mainstream it will become, and how far reaching the influence will be. For the time being, at the very least, everyone can look forward to exploring a new, interesting world of fashion, no matter who they are, and what they prefer.

5 Applications of Machine Learning To Improve Customer Experience in the Credit Industry


Machine learning is not an unheard concept for most of us, after all it’s 2018 and popular culture alone has theoried a plethora of post-apocalyptic timelines where machine learning runs amuck. The more pedestrian (though still exciting) reality is the rapidly expanding and unique applications of large-scale data analytics to create dynamic and predictive computer models.


A pioneering process of analysing and automating data that gives computer systems the ability to ‘learn’. Using complex algorithms that frequently learn from raw data and information, machine learning gives computers the ability to discover hidden insights without being specifically programmed on where to find them. The massive data sets used for machine learning make it possible for computers to extract both patterns and anomalies from the torrents of information. It’s an evolution of Artificial intelligence practices such as pattern recognition and computational learning theory, machine learning allows programmes to make faster, more accurate data-driven decisions.

Okay, so it’s making computer processes more efficient, reliable and cost effective, this becomes a recipe for explosive growth as it translates into a number of tangible bottom line benefits for any business that interfaces with customers (which is pretty much all of them). The advent of machine learning technology is driving innovation in every sector and will only continue to grow in popularity as it progresses. Big brands have already bought into the machine learning era decades ago when it was fledgling, the potential was always there for data driven artificial intelligence to offer their customers an optimal experience. Apple use machine learning for their voice recognition system, Siri, to imitate human interaction. Facebook use the technology to tag individuals in photos. Google Maps analyses the traffic speed using location data from smartphones. PayPal uses machine learning algorithms to combat fraud. Amazon gets you to spend more money by showing you more products it knows you want to buy based on your history because it’s machine learning algorithms have learnt a lot about the average joe over the last 2 decades.

In the credit industry specifically, brands like Wonga use a business model where machine learning plays an integral role in assessing customer risk and approving loans. So far, it has mainly been used for determining the lending risks of customers based on their income and credit history, but there is much more potential to still be tapped. Machine learning allows credit companies to offer a more enhanced customer experience in a number of ways:

  1. Call Reason Predictions:

Call reason predictions are a new and intuitive way for machine learning to make a huge impact on the credit industry. The number of customer calls being made on a daily basis is always increasing, and as a result the number of calls being routed to incorrect departments is an increasing issue. Customers are also experiencing longer wait times than ever, leading to an increase in call drop-offs and unsatisfied customers. Machine learning can help ease this issue by predicting the reason for a customers’ call based on the time of day the call is being made and other variables. This allows the call to be routed directly to the correct department for that specific customers’ needs, resulting in shorter calls and happier customers.

  1. Chat Bots:

Machine learning can also be used to assist customer without them having to pick up the phone, with the rise of chat bots and conversational interfaces. Chat bots are virtual assistants that are built using natural language processing engines combined with credit specific customer interactions. Allowing customers to get information and interaction quickly and easily will improve service levels and offer a unique edge over other companies that require their customers to get in touch using traditional methods. As well as improving the customer experience, these virtual assistants save valuable work force time, allowing businesses to save money and have their teams focus their time on other aspects of the business.

  1. Fraud Detection:

With the combination of computing power, the internet and an increasing amount of valuable and confidential data being stored online, the security risk to data is higher than ever before. Previously, financial fraud detection systems were heavily dependent on complex and robust rules. Whilst more recent fraud detection goes further than just following a checklist of risk factors, it can actively learn and calibrate to detect new potential security threats. Machine learning systems can detect anomalies in online activities and behaviours and flag them for security teams to investigate further.

  1. Product Sales:

Machine learning is a powerful tool for developing more detailed insights into customers and potential sales prospects. Drawing on a wide range of available data, marketers and sales staff are given much more to work with than they have ever had in the past. Customers can be more accurately segmented according to their profiles and probable needs, offering new opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. This in turn improves the customer experience by offering them the exact products that are relevant to their needs.

  1. Collections:

Currently some customers have very negative experiences from credit companies due to being contacted by their collections teams unnecessarily. Machine learning can help ease this issue by learning and predicting which borrowers that go into arrears are more able to resolve their issues without contact or support from the credit company. Not only will this improve the customer experience by avoiding unnecessary hassle, it will also have an impact on reducing the cost and time of collections teams.

The credit industry has long had access to an enormous volume of accurate historical records and personal data, making it the perfectly suited for machine learning optimisation. Expect to see a huge increase in the amount of machine learning applications being applied within the industry in the near future, indeed expect to also see it become the mainstream foundation for the marketing and customer service strategies of even small business owners across the web. As the availability of user information nears 100% (do you know anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone now?) the investment into this sector will continue to grow as countless applications and valuable, market dominating insights about our customers await realisation.


Best Tips To Get The Biggest Houston Settlement Possible

If you are involved in a personal injury case in Houston, figuring out the proper actions to take can become complicated and overwhelming. If you don’t know how to plead your side of the story, the case can become a nightmare; this is especially true because there is a possibility that you will end up getting way less than you are entitled to for your injuries.

The best way to get all that you deserve is to hire a Houston personal injury and refinery accident attorney. If you do choose to go it alone, however, there are some behaviors and dos and don’ts that are essential to get the most from the incident.

The reality is that only about 97% of all personal injury cases ever see a courtroom. Most are settled during the negotiation phase of the trial but be careful of what you agree to and sign. Once you accept a settlement offer and sign it, you absolve the insurance company from paying for anything else that should arise. So, that is why it is so critical to know what your case is worth before you end up leaving money on the table and walking away with way less than you should.

Don’t say anything

When you are in negotiation, the worst thing that you can do is to throw out a figure for settlement. Once you put a price on the table, an adjuster will work overtime to whittle you down. It is best to have the adjuster suggest a price first.

If you determine the price first, the adjuster knows how much you will take, and it might be far less than what they had already decided was their maximum. It is best not to put a price in your demand letter, let them do the work and work hard to decrease, instead of trying to hold the insurance from reducing the number you’ve thrown out.

Know what you will settle for before you enter into a negotiation

Before you go into the negotiation phase, know what you will and won’t accept for your injuries. Economic damages are going to be difficult to deny for the adjuster. So, likely there isn’t going to be any argument about what your economic damages are worth.

When it comes to non-economic damages, however, things can go awry pretty quickly. Since non-economic damages seek to compensate you for the experiences you had related to the accident, they are less concrete and don’t come with a set of physical documents.

It is best to understand what your injuries are worth by working with a personal injury lawyer to know how to calculate what your non-economic damages are worth. If you don’t know add up the cost on your own, then you won’t know if you are getting all that you deserve or even just the minimum you need to continue paying bills.

Your injury lawyer in Houston takes a personalized approach that is catered to your individual needs. The attorney can use either the per diem method or the multiplier method to come up with a reasonable starting point for your non-economic damages. These strategies help you to feel confident about what you are willing to accept and what is unacceptable before you even approach the table.

Start high

It is always best to ask for more than you are willing to take for a settlement. If you start at the least you will accept, then you are not going to have much room for negotiation. Estimate high and make the insurance company work to whittle you down instead of the other way around.

You have to sell yourself

During the negotiation phase, you have to strategically haggle with the insurance company. It is important to prepare by learning certain tactics like walking away, stalemating, and other forms of haggling; these strategies will work in your favor. The insurance company does not want to have to waste the resources taking your case to court so play hardball to let them know that you can’t be pushed around.

Never show your cards

No matter where you are in the negotiation phase, never reveal what your bottom line is. If you do, that is all that you are going to get and probably less. It is imperative never to let the insurance company know what you will settle for or you will end up receiving less than you deserve.

It is an excellent idea to hire a Houston personal injury lawyer to make sure that you aren’t  missing out on any money. If you aren’t an expert at negotiations, you should either become one or make sure to have someone there with you who already is.

National Governing Bodies: The Benefits of Affiliation


For those sports clubs and leagues who are serious about moving forward in their specific sport, there are NGBs (National Governing Bodies), recognised by England and responsible for managing clubs of certain sports. While it certainly is not a requirement, there are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to affiliate themselves with an NGB. Typically, those who have long-term aspirations when it comes to their sports league are the ones most likely to be affiliated – but why is that the case?

How can a National Governing Body help a sports organisation move forward? What exactly can they provide that makes them the natural choice for most leagues out there? After all, even National Governing Bodies need help sometimes. They aren’t perfect, which is why there are different means of funding for NGBs currently available. That said, here are some of the benefits of being affiliated to an NGB.

You receive guidance regarding club operations and how best to manage your club

While you might not need advice when it comes to how to run your sports club, this is still a valid benefit that clubs receive when they become affiliated with an NGB. You get as much help as you possibly can, and if you happen to be struggling with club organisation, the NGB provides as much guidance and training as they can. Most NGBs also offer coach’s training for those interested in broadening their horizons. Overall, advice from a National Governing Body can do wonders.

Official competitions open up for your club

Depending on the NGB that you become affiliated with, it opens up opportunities to compete in official competitions where that particular National Governing Body is involved. Most respectable NGBs have access to most of these official events, giving your club a chance to shine. That is one of the reasons why sports clubs with aspirations and a long-term goal tend to go for affiliation – even if there might be a hefty fee that comes with joining.

Funding and insurance

Clubs which affiliate with NGBs not only have access to insurance for their players, but they will also have access to funding depending on their performance. When it comes to National Governing Bodies, performance is what dictates whether your club moves forward – and the NGB will ensure that you receive as many opportunities as possible to achieve that goal. While this competitive landscape might not be for everyone, for a sports club with aspirations of success, NGB affiliation provides the perfect motivation.

To conclude, there are many more benefits that an NGB can provide for your sports club. Honourable mentions include access to officials and qualified referees during play, alongside volunteer training. These are the reasons why so many sports clubs have decided to affiliate themselves with their sport’s NGB. If your sports club has dreams of one day making it big and competing in official events, eventually reaching the world stage, a National Governing Body has plenty to offer.

5 Things To Cure Boredom 

If you often find yourself feeling bored and are looking for fun activities which can help keep you entertained when you have a couple of minutes or a couple of hours to kill, simply continue reading to discover 5 activities to cure boredom.

5 Things to Cure Boredom:

1, Play online games such as iLottery

If you frequently find yourself feeling bored,  it’s well worth playing online games either on your laptop or on a small, portable digital device such as a tablet or smartphone. The PA iLottery Bonus Code will help time fly past especially  when you’re having fun. If you’re looking for a new online game to try out, it’s well worth trying out iLottery as each time you play, you’ll have an opportunity to win a lucrative cash prize.

  1. Join an online fantasy sports league

If you’re a self-confessed sports fan, you may be interested in joining an online fantasy sports league, where you’ll get to compete against hundreds of thousands or even millions of sports fans from around the world. As an example, if you’re a basketball fan, you may want to choose a fantasy NBA sports league, where you’ll compete to earn points to increase your ranking by correctly guessing the scores of each matchup in a given season.

Depending on the site which you choose, you may even be eligible to win prizes such as free tickets to a game. As a bonus no matter whether you prefer hockey, basketball, football or soccer, you won’t have any trouble finding a suitable online fantasy league.

  1. Use the internet to teach yourself a new skill

If you find yourself with a bit of free time up your sleeves, you may want to use your free time to learn a new skill. As an example, if your cooking skills are lacking you may want to visit a few cooking blogs, where you may be able to find a recipe, which you’re keen to try out for yourself. Alternatively, if you visit Youtube you’ll be able to find tutorials on mastering a wide variety of skills. As an example, you can watch Youtube videos on learning how to play the guitar or which teach you how to make a bookshelf.

  1. Join a few fun online forums in order to make new friends

If you’re interested in talking to new individuals who share similar hobbies, passions, and interests to yourself, it’s well worth joining a few online forums, where you’ll have no trouble making new friends. Better yet, no matter what time you visit your chosen online forum, there will be other members online who are also bored and are keen to talk.

  1. Download and binge a new TV series

If you’re keen to relax for a couple of hours and have a subscription to an online streaming site such as Netflix or Hulu, it’s well worth curing your boredom by binge-watching a new series!

So what are you waiting for if you’re feeling bored, simply pick the activity listed above which excites you the most, in order to cure your boredom for the next couple of hours!

Unique Venues Around London

London is a city known for a lot of different things from history to interesting architecture. There’s a lot of things to do around London, but what if one wants to host a formal event? What does London have to offer? There are quite a few different options. What kind of event is one wanting to have? Do they want to have the event at their home or do they need a different venue? Here is a list of some venue ideas that one can use for anything from a wedding to a graduation party and anything else.


A backroom is a place that can be rented for a few hours for a fairly low price of around twenty-five dollars an hour. This place is complete with a stage so if one wants to have a karaoke night or something of that sort this is a good place for it. A lot of fun events could be held here whether they be for graduation, a wedding reception, or just for the sake of having a party. It might be worth checking out for those who like music or comedy as one could always hire a musician or comedian to entertain.

The Library at the Dead Dolls House

This room is exquisite and would be good for fancy dinner parties or anything of that sort. The room is beautiful, and it would be a good place to have a caterer come out and make it the best dinner party of one’s life. It can fit up to 20 people, which might be good for a family reunion or a holiday meal. The beautiful room will work well for pictures during the dinner party, as everyone will be able to see just how lovely the place is.

Studio 61

Studio 61 is a fun party venue. This would be good for those looking for a unique place to have a birthday party or even a small wedding reception. It is unique with large, bold words on the walls. They claim, “We don’t do parties halfway,” and they are right. Their parties are always amazing and very Instagram-worthy. Get a good caterer, and the party is destined to be a success at this unique venue.

Whole Venue

There are a lot of conference venues in London, but this may be one of the best. It is unique and has a lot of room for people to talk. It also is a fun environment that might make people at the conference more likely to pay attention and enjoy their time there. There is the option to get drinks, and if one wants to make the conference into a party, there is room for a DJ. While it is not a traditional conference room sometimes untraditional is the best.

There are a lot more options to choose from for conference rooms in London, as the city is big and has a lot of them. Look through them on Venue Finder, and one is guaranteed to find one that they like.

8 Ways To Reduce Plastic Use And Save Money In Your Office

There are two parts to this article, reducing plastics and saving money. Luckily they both overlay in a lot of ways. Let’s talk about reducing plastics first.

There is so much plastic in the oceans that in a few years we might have 1 lb of plastic to every 3lbs of fish. If that doesn’t terrify you, think for a moment how much plastic weighs. Now are you scared?

Outlaw, ban, refuse, bribe or whatever it takes to get rid of water bottles

Here’s a few figures about water bottles.

Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year. On average each person in America used 167 bottles a year; one every two days. But of that amazing number, only 23% were recycled. You know where the rest went.

Making those bottles used enough oil to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year. Oh and by the way, if you were to drink 8 glasses of water a day from the tap, you would spend about $.49 per year. If you have $1,400, yes $1,400, you could buy all that water in bottles.

And the saving money in the office thing…?

The answer is a water-cooler. No matter which way you look at it.

Use crockery, glasses, knives and forks

Yes, we know that they have to be washed, but you could invest in a nice energy-saving dishwasher. People manage to put their stuff in the dishwasher at home. Explain why you’re doing it in the office. People don’t want to use plastic, give them a way to avoid it.

Encourage recycling

Make it easy for people to recycle. Put bins around the place. Make sure that the office cleaners recycle what has been placed in the bins. Put up clear signage about what you can recycle and what you can’t. Even plastic bags can be recycled now.

You shouldn’t need a sweater in the office in summer

If you have control of the temperature, then take it up a degree or two. Each single degree rise in the office temperate equates to a saving – maybe as much as 10%. No one wants to have to go outside to warm up.

You should need an extra layer in winter

In winter it is supposed to be a little cooler. An extra layer should be needed. Walking around in shirt-sleeves when it’s below freezing outside is costing your company.

Ok, back to plastics and costs

There was an element of soap-box in the above two points, but really… anyway, another way you can save money and reduce plastic is by reducing the amount of plastic in promotional goods. Companies like custom earth promotions have thought of ways in which you can still be generous to your customers without increasing our dependency on fossil fuels.

Offices make such a difference

To rid our oceans of plastic we all have to care, and offices can make the difference – multiplied by the number of staff. Won’t you join in?