Easy Steps to Make Your Galaxy S10 Better

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a beautiful smartphone. It’s received stellar reviews for its sleek design, its impressive cameras and its long battery life. You love all of these qualities, but did you know that you can take this already remarkable device and make it even better? In a single day, you can customize your Galaxy S10 so that it’s perfect in your eyes.

Cover Up The Hole-Punch

The Galaxy S10 managed to avoid the notorious notch on the touchscreen, but some people are still upset when they see how they arranged the front-facing camera. They may not have a massive notch in the top middle, but they do have a small black hole-punch in the corner.

Samsung has offered a small solution for the eye-sore. You can cover up the hole-punch by going into Display Settings and then Full-Screen Apps to click on “hide front camera.” The setting will hide the camera with a black bar, essentially extending the bezel downward.

Giving your device a thicker bezel is probably not what you want. What you can do is camouflage the hole-punch with the right wallpaper. The app Hidey Hole was specifically created to collect wallpapers that can cover up the Galaxy S10 Series cameras.

The app has a long list of designs to choose from. Whether you want to display eye-catching artwork or show off your love for a geeky fandom, you’re bound to find the right wallpaper for your phone.

Get A Unique Skin

If you think that your Galaxy S10 looks exactly like every other S10 on the market, you can make your phone unique and stand out from the crowd with the help of a high-quality vinyl skin. You can choose any color or design that suits your sense of style. Maybe you’d like a bright green carbon fiber, a black dragon scale or a sleek gold skin.

A slick skin will do much more than give your S10 a makeover for a cheap price. It will protect your device from ugly scratches and scrapes so that you can maintain its value. If you ever feel like changing up the design, you can easily remove a skin without leaving behind nasty residue and apply a brand-new one.

Change Up Bixby

Unfortunately, Bixby doesn’t get the love that Siri or Alexa gets. If you’d rather not deal with the voice assistant, there are methods to help you remove it from your phone.

You can disable Bixby Home by pressing onto your touchscreen to display all of your home screen options, finding the Bixby Home and turning off the toggle to view it. Then you can follow Digital Trends’ guide to remap the Bixby key so that it automatically launches a different app whenever you press it. You could go to your Gmail account, your Twitter, your Spotify — anything you want.

Unlock It With Your Face

Welcome to the future, where you can unlock your phone with a single glance. You don’t need to remember a passcode, word or gesture to answer a quick text or check your email. All you have to do is pick up your device, and it will automatically recognize you as the main user.

To set up the face unlock feature you should go into Settings and then go into the Biometrics and Security category, which will have the face recognition option. To set it up, you’ll need to move your face around so that the camera can scan your face from multiple angles. When you’re doing the initial scan, be sure to stand in a well-lit area and to wipe the camera lens clear of any smudges.

Think of this process like tailoring an expensive suit — sometimes you need to make some small adjustments to make sure it’s a great fit. After you’re done making these adjustments and adding these accessories, you will wonder how you ever lived without your Galaxy S10.


Why The Speed Of The Internet Is So Important? (Netflix) (520)

The Internet has become one of the prime requirements of every individual, community, business, and institute. It gives you quick access to the knowledge of the whole world right at your fingertips.

However, with the rising need of Internet, the requirement of speed is also increasing. Everyone in the present day scenario is looking for a provider who can provide them the fastest internet speed.

Let’s have a look at why the speed of your Internet is so important and what are various type of internet connections that you can get.

Why you need fast Internet?

In the present world, no one has the time to wait for hours to download a picture or wait for long buffering to watch a Netflix series. Users want the Internet that they can provide them seamless and quick access to the internet and information they require. Here are some benefits that come with a fast internet connection.

  • No latency during gaming or wireless data sharing
  • High-resolution audio and video streaming
  • Run multiple devices with a single connection
  • Seamlessly connect all the smart devices like smart television, smartphones, air conditioners, etc
  • Easy access to online services like banking, shopping, and more
  • Allows you to keep and maintain online data backup with ease
  • No dropping frames during streaming
  • Crystal clear audio and video calling

Type of Internet Connections

Connection type has the most drastic effect on internet speed. The services providers like Acanac are doing great work in providing high-speed Internet to all their customers.

Have a look at the different internet connection that you can get, along with the speed they can offer.

Dial-up: These are cheap and slow speed internet connection that uses your telephone line for connectivity. The setup consists of a modem that works as an interface between the telephone line and the computer. The maximum internet speed that you can achieve with this connection is in KBPS.

DSL: The digital Subscriber lines are very similar to the traditional dial-up connection, but it uses dual line and router. Moreover, it can provide you a speed of 128KBPS to 8MBPS.

Cable: Cable connections are the upgraded forms of DSL. This connectivity protocol uses high-speed coaxial cables to transmit data. As for the speed of this connection, it depends upon your internet services provider. Acanac provides dial-up connections with a speed of 5MBPS to 940MBPS.

Wireless connections: If you want an internet connection without cables, the wireless connections are your best shot. They use the radio frequency to connect your device to the Internet and can provide a high-speed range of 5 to 20 MBPS.

Satellite Connection: the satellite connection enables you to access the Internet directly from the satellite. It doesn’t need any wire, but it’s a bit slow. The maximum speed it can offer range from 512KBPS to 2.0MBPS.

The Final words

The speed of the Internet is dependent on the MBPS, but it depends on many other factors like website protocols, whether you are uploading something or downloading something, traffic, and more.

Therefore, analyze all these factors before you go for a particular internet connection.


Throw That Cap: How to Plan a Graduation Party Your Guests Won’t Forget

Congrats! You did it! Now it’s time for the celebration. Click here to learn how to plan a graduation party you and your guests won’t forget.


Did you know that between January and October 2016, 3.1 million students graduated from high school in the U.S.? Or that more than 4 million college students walked down the aisle to receive a degree?

If you or someone you know is getting ready to receive a diploma or degree, first of all, congrats! Second, it’s time to start planning a fab graduation party your guests won’t soon forget.

Not sure where to start when it comes to how to plan a graduation party? Check out these creative ideas that’ll perfectly punctuate the cap toss!

Nail Down the Details

You can’t have a graduation party without a great venue. So, plan where and where you’ll hold the grad bash with care.

As you do this, consider logistics such as relatives and friends who need to travel from out of town. For example, it may prove more convenient to hold the graduation party the day before to allow people to easily travel after the ceremony.

As for the venue, nail down how many people you’d like to invite in advance. Reach out to potential guests with a “Save the Date” announcement requiring an RSVP.

That way, you’ll have a ballpark estimate of how many people you’ll need to accommodate on the big day. Then, you can locate the appropriate venue based on your expected figures.

Draft a Guest List

The guest will fill up quicker than you think. Start with specific priorities, such as close family and friends. Once you’ve listed all your must-have guests, fill in gaps with your graduate’s friends.

Not sure how to narrow down the list? Consider which friends have had the most impact on your graduate. You’ll want to think about everyone, from favorite teachers to church members and childhood friends.

Once you’ve nailed down your guest list, it’s time to pick and send out invitations.

Send the Perfect Invitations

When it comes to the perfect invitation graduation party ideas, you don’t have to break the bank. Instead, consider making your own.

Don’t worry! They don’t have to look hokey or cheap.

Check out these free templates for graduation invitations to see what we mean. You’ll craft a one-of-a-kind invite without spending your whole party budget in one go.

Speaking of party budgets, do you have one? If not, it’s time to get to it. Fortunately, this doesn’t require anything elaborate.

Simply sit down with a pen, paper, and an idea of how much you want to spend total. Then, allocate funds accordingly to things such as the price of the venue, decorations, food, invitations, and so on.

Keep Decorations Simple and Sentimental

From your choice of decorations to the music played and the activities you engage in, every choice that you make helps set the tone for your ideal graduation party.

Some pointers when it comes to decor? Keep your display table sentimental yet simple. You want to show off all that the grad’s done through photos, but you don’t need to go crazy with elaborate embellishments.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. After all, understated decorations are enjoying a moment. And you don’t have to go over budget to get that “wow” effect.

Dollar stores are great places to shop for everything from balloons to plates and plastic ware. Let the focus remain on photos of the grad and their accomplishments.

Plan for Optimal Fun

As for activities, consider creating a party photo booth where guests can pose and make memories. Or try renting a bounce house for an eclectic experience that’ll be loved by all ages (and talked about for years to come).

Last but not least, allocate tasks to family and friends. That way, you won’t feel overwhelmed. What’s more, you’ll be able to kick up your heels and get your party on when the big event arrives.

Plan for optimal fun by being mindful and staying in the moment during the party. After all, you’ve planned ahead. So, relax and enjoy!

Your Fabulous Graduation Party

Now that you know just what to do to plan an awesome graduation party, are you ready for more life hacks to help you live a fab existence?

Read on for some essential style tips to dress better. These tips will help you feel more confident. They’ll also help you pick out an amazing ensemble to rock the upcoming graduation party!


6 Benefits of Family Counseling

If you’ve recently been considering signing up for a family counseling session, continue reading to discover some of the many benefits associated with family counseling.

6 Benefits of family counseling:

1. You’ll be able to learn how to communicate more effectively as a family

Instead of getting into heated arguments and disputes with your family members, each time that you have a disagreement, you’ll be able to discover handy communication tips that will help you better communicate with your loved ones.

As an example, if you choose to undergo regular family counseling sessions you’ll learn how to communicate calmly and effectively instead of letting your emotions get the best of you. You can check out, https://www.regain.us for more advice.

2. You’ll build stronger bonds with each member of your family

Another benefit of choosing to undergo family counseling is that you’ll form stronger bonds with each member of your family. As you’ll learn how to emphasise with the struggles, emotions and insecurities which each of your family members faces on a day to day basis and will be able to share your own feelings openly and honestly with your family members.

3. You’ll all learn how to become better listeners

One reason why family members often get into petty arguments is that most individuals want to be heard clearly but fail to listen carefully when their family members talk, which will frustrate their family members.

If you learn how to give your family members 100% of your attention when they talk, they’ll feel listened to, understood and validated and will be in a far better mood, most of the time.

In return, when you are the one sharing your thoughts, feelings, opinions with your family members, you’ll feel really listened to.

4. You’ll be better able to deal with tough circumstances that your family may face in the future

Not only can going to family counseling sessions help you deal with the problems which your family members are currently facing but the skills and information which you learn, will come in handy in the years to come. As an example, if you experience a loss in the family, your family members will be able to band together to support each other effectively, instead of letting your emotions get the best of you.

5. Family counseling sessions provide a safe space to express your feelings

Each time that you attend a family counseling session, you’ll feel free to express and explore your feelings, in a safe, non judgemental environment.

6. You’ll learn about some of your individual strengths and weaknesses

Through family counseling sessions, you’ll also get to learn about some of your own strengths and weaknesses as a person. Which will allow you to use your strengths to better communicate with your family members and to work on developing some of the skills which you may lack and may be hindering your communication with your family members.

So if you’re convinced that attending family counseling sessions can improve your relationships with your family members, it’s well worth booking your very first family counseling session. If you found this article helpful, you can check out more tips from Trash Talk HC!

GO Eco-Friendly With Lux Wood’s Oak Watches

With smartphones taking over the field of gadgets by having multiple features, it’s almost natural for anyone to believe that watches would go out of fashion. However, think of it like this- would you buy a camera if you already have a phone? It doesn’t make sense to buy 2 products when 1 can do the trick. While the watch is a device that serves the sole purpose of telling time, it has a number of other roles that people wear them for without even consciously realizing.

E:\luxwoodwatches- may 13-\images\New folder\rBVaSltq0sSAV9NRAAvwvWbMSPw967.jpg

Have you ever caught yourself looking for a watch for a specific occasion? If yes, you know how important the role a watch plays in accentuating your looks when you pair the right kind of watch with your outfit. Moreover, people who wear a watch are always seen to be very conscious about time and punctuality. It not only speaks about a person’s fashion sense but it also tells a lot about their personality and character.

Moreover, if you’re stuck in slow-moving traffic where you can’t really take your phone out, doing so might be risky even if it’s just to check the time. There are times when your phone is dead or not near you, and that’s when your wristwatch comes in to rescue you and tell you the time. So, it’s justified to say watches will never go out of fashion.

As there are many technological advances with other gadgets, even watches are evolving in design. Whether it’s the dial of the watch or the strap, you can find so many variations that let you choose what resonates with your sense of style. If the market saw signs of watches becoming less popular, the watch industry wouldn’t have been investing so much in newer designs and features.


If you wonder where to buy wooden watches from, one of the unique brands in the watch industry is Lux Woods. If you ask what is so special about Lux Woods, it’s the right brand for people who want to do their best in keeping the environment safe while not compromising on style. Lux Woods watches are made from wood which makes them environmentally friendly, unlike many other non-biodegradable materials that pose a threat to the environment.

When you buy a Lux Woods watch, you make a direct contribution to keeping this world a cleaner and better place to live in. The watches only have tiny metal parts here and there, like screws, the hands of the watch, and the band clasp.


Besides the fact that each watch is made from wood, another contribution that the brand makes to society and the world is by working in association with two organizations. While one of these organizations aims to feed poor children to fight hunger in poor children around the world, the other organization aims to plant a billion trees by 2025. With every watch purchased from Lux Woods, the brand is able to take a step closer to help these two organizations better.


For people asking where to buy wooden watches, Lux Woods has a collection of watches in various designs. One of their most popular designs is the Oakwood collection. These watches are stylish and are made from a variety of woods, like Chanate, walnut, and Koa. They have a large dial with numeric markings on them. You can buy a watch from the Oakwood collection based on what tone of wood you would prefer.

The watches from the Oakwood collection are handmade, pretty much like any other watch that Lux Woods makes. Moreover, since every craftsman designs these watches right from scratch, while the basic design for each collection stays the same, there are unique elements to each watch. For instance, every watch would have its own patterns based on the wood used. Additionally, since these watches are made from wood, the creativity of the maker coupled with the texture of the wood makes these watches as unique as the people who wear them.

Wooden watches make for great gifts as well. To make them even more special, you can ask the seller to add engravings on the back of the dial. It can be a quote or message or even the name of the person you plan to gift it to.

Wood is growing in its popularity as a raw material used for making watches. Nobody would have thought about wooden watches, but today, premium watch brands like Lux Woods and many others are bringing amazing wooden watch designs to people. For people who ask where to buy wooden watches, you would find many online stores. Watches made from wood are lighter and easier to carry off. Not a lot of people think about buying a wooden watch since it’s a relatively newer idea. However, if you wear one, you would definitely stand out in a crowd.

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3 Unknown Things to Know about Self-Storage

Storage units, like most things, have a pretty cool collection of unknown facts about them. They’ve come a long way based on their roots and are now incredibly useful for almost everyone. So, sit back and enjoy as we delve into the hidden past of storage units and how they went from humble beginnings to where they are now.

They Started Because of a Squabble

This might sound familiar to those who have had to get storage units in the past, but the origin of the modern storage unit started in ancient China.

But a man named Xiang opened the first storage facility when his wife demanded he get his collection of bones, bowls, and pottery out of the house because she kept tripping on them. Xiang wanted to keep them, because who doesn’t want to see the bones of their vanquished enemies on display?

However, his wife insisted and he created an area where they could be stored. The items were simply placed in pots, buried underground in pits, and watched over by guards.

Other members of the community caught into the idea and first storage facility was created.

Evolving Uses

In the United States, storage units began to pop up, with the first self-storage building appearing in Odessa Texas. Fishermen could store their boats, equipment, and trailers in the larger areas, and then the rest of the area caught on. Now there are units of different sizes, special deals, increased security, and even units directly for students and military members to use.

If you or your family has a need for storage, the storage units West Hollywood has available will most likely have a unit to fulfill that need. Whether you are storing cars or golf clubs

Which Country Uses them the Most?

America uses storage units the most, and around 10 million households have a storage unit. Americans like storing stuff, and they use storage spaces that together hold about 2.3 billion feet of stuff. Most people rent storage units the most for around three months to a year at a time, although 30% of renters keep the unit for two years or more.

Because of this, the self-storage industry is a lucrative business market to get into as it generates a couple billion dollars a year. No matter what happens the world is always going to have stuff and need places to store it.

Looking back at it all

So, there you have it, the world of storage units going from the ancient Chinese to the modern day. They’ve really grown to become a major part of the world and the culture, and everyone will probably own a storage unit in their lifetime, at least for a little bit.

When you do own that storage unit, take a moment to look back at the industry and think about how it all got started with a single man in China. Then be glad you aren’t allowed to store any bones inside your unit!

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5 Ways To Quiet Your Inner Bully And Develop Self-Love

Sometimes, our worst criticism comes from ourselves: “You look fat in that shirt.” “You’re going to fail this project.” “You’re not good enough.” And yet, if we spoke like that to others like that, it would be considered bullying.

Patterns of negative self-talk occur when judgements and criticisms are embed in your brain over and over again, often beginning at a young age. Your inner bully thus becomes well-versed in shaming and blaming and you start believing those words as truth.

When you consistently put yourself down like that, you limit your own potential, growth and happiness. It can trap you in unsatisfying jobs and dead-end relationships because you believe you’re not good enough to receive better. Obsessive and harmful self-talk can also lead to a spiral of depression, anxiety and burnout.

It’s time to silence the inner bully, stop putting yourself down and show yourself love, kindness and compassion, just as you would for others. Here are 5 ways how:

  1. Identify the inner bully. One of the first and most important steps is separating your inner critic from the truth. This can be tricky to do as we are conditioned to automatically believe what it says without questioning it. Use mindfulness to observe when the negative self-talk is happening and neutrally acknowledge its presence. You can even give the inner bully a name or an appearance to help you create space between you and the judgements.
  2. Thank it for what it has to say. Sometimes, our inner critic has positive intentions. It wants to keep us safe from perceived harm, disappointment or rejection. Like a paranoid but well-meaning grandma, it resists unfamiliar or unpredictable situations like the plague, but is only doing so to keep you “safe” and protect you from potential failure. The best thing to do in this case is to say to your inner bully, “Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate that you’re trying to keep me safe. I can take it from here.”
  3. Replace it with a positive affirmation. Changing your language—particularly when your inner bully has been alive and kicking for a long time—is not easy, but it can be done. Replace the self-criticism of “I can’t do anything right” to “I’m growing and learning everyday” or the negative thought of “I’m a failure” to “I’m not good at this… yet!” Be mindful of the language you use with yourself with and dismantle them one by one with positive or neutral affirmations instead; what you think about yourself, you will become.
  4. Allow yourself to be imperfect. Our inner bully tends to be the loudest when we do or say something that is considered “imperfect.” But the truth is, no one alive on this planet is, and that is the beauty of being human—you are making mistakes and learning and growing everyday. So, embrace your imperfections. Give yourself permission to try and to fail. Tell your inner critic “I’m only human.” Mistakes are allowed and expected.
  5. Seek support when you need it. If you are having trouble breaking the cycle of negative self-talk, remember that you are not alone and that it deserves attention and support. Speaking to a trusted friend can help, and even asking those close to you what they love about you can help boost your self-confidence. A licensed therapist can also make a huge difference in the way you speak to yourself. BetterHelp.com provides affordable, confidential and easily accessible counselling services with professionals who can readily support you to a healthier, happier you.

While your inner bully may not entirely go away, the good news is that it can be regulated and controlled using the steps above. Remember that you do not have to believe what it says and that often it is only trying to protect you in its own irrational way. You have the power to take back control of your own life and focus on loving, positive thoughts about yourself instead.

Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health- related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with BetterHelp.com. With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.

Kent Ro Service Centers and Customer Care Services

Kent Ro is a brand name of water purifier in India. It is a huge brand. It has huge customer. Nowadays many people have water purifier in their home for the pollution happened in the nature. For hygiene and for safety many people purchased water purifier. Nowadays the price of these purifier reduces so the middle class people also can purchase it. The company has millions of satisfied customers. Mr. Mahesh Gupta started off this home grown brand. He is an IIT Kanpur alumnus which most trusted one in category across the globe. Kent is the largest manufacturer of Ro Water Purifier. This company has been diversified its products portfolio over the year. Nowadays this company offers the wide range of health care products such as air purifiers, vegetable cleaners, water softener and smart chef range of kitchen appliances. The name the Kent has become synonymous with offering purity. This brand has been famous for its innovative use of next Generation technology towards enhancing quality of every day living. Kent is the huge brand name. It is constantly innovating and providing solutions to protect the people from the harmful diseases. This company driven by the purpose to offer the good health to one and all. Without any doubt Kent is the best guardian of one family’s health and provides you pure drinking water. KENT RO systems received many awards and recognition for the innovation excellent products the helps to live a healthy life.

Water purifier

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, suspended solids, biological contaminants, and grass. The main objective is to produce water fit for special purpose. Mainly these water purification is done the human consumption or for drinking water but it may also have some other purpose also like medical purpose, pharmacological, chemical and industrial application. The methods are filtration, sedimentation and distillations. There are some biological process such as slow and filters or biological active carbon and the chemical process such as flocculation and chlorination. The process also include electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light. Water purification reduces the concentration of particulate matter it includes suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi etc. It also reduces the concentration of a range of dissolved and particulate matter. The standards of drinking water quality are typically set by governments or international standards. These standards are included minimum and maximum concentration of contaminants.

Kent Ro system and service

It is an Indian healthcare products company. Its headquarters are situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This company makes the purifier in the process of reverse osmosis purification. These company also makes different types of products such as air purifier, vacuum cleaners, vegetables and fruits purifier and water softeners. These company also exports to SAARC countries, Middle East and Kenya. Company expects a contribution of 15% of the total turnover which is came from the exports in the near future. For developing innovation water purifying technology and preventing environment degradation in 2007, this company won the Golden Peacock Eco Innovations. It has a huge customer service. For different states there are different Kent Ro services centers numbers. Their services are very good and there are many help line. One can call and the person will came home and solve the problems. . This is a very popular brand and they have many customers across India. There are many customers’ service centres across India. They gave excellent services to their customers. So the customer’s satisfaction is the main reason of the growth of the company. The journey of this company is very much remarkable. This company brought up with some strewn with milestone. The company introducing the forth patented technology of the Ro+UV+UF+TDS controller which is purifies the water while retaining the natural mineral. This is very much important and essential for a healthier life. The company introduced an innovative use of UV light in a storage tank, it helps to retain the purity of the water. The company endeavour to maintain the ecological equilibrium which is came up with the save water technology. This system helps to ensure that no water is wasted while using of the RO water purifier. The advanced technology of the company has been recognised by globally. This company has been certified by the some recognised and prestigious certifying agencies of India and in abroad also like NSF, WQA and USA.

Customer care services

They have a huge customer care services. This is a very popular brand and they have many customers across India. There are many customers’ service centers across India. They gave excellent services to their customers. So the customer’s satisfaction is the main reason of the growth of the company. The service center are open 12 hours in a day. Offers repairs, installation services, AMC related questions etc. One can get in touch with the customer care center via phone, chat, email, or mobile app. One can just call the helpline number which is available in seven days a week. One can also download the Kent service app or contact via email.


Kent Ro seller more than 225000 reverse osmosis purifier every year. It holds around 40% market share in India. It has an annual turnover 250 core in 2010. In 2015 it sold 4500000. About 80% of its revenue are earned from its reverse osmosis purifier. The company had sold over a million units of purifier to date. So it has a huge customer and customer care services. There are many Kent water purifier customer care number to help the customers from any problem. Kent is the leading health care brand in Ro water purifier. Kent Company brings the reverse osmosis system in India which is a revolutionary technology in India. This company came with the vision is of a healthier world and the technology is very much innovative. The solution is done by the experts and the products are technologically satisfied. The brand started its operation in Noida, India in 1999. It becomes the largest manufacturing brand in the water purifier sector in India. Kent is the company who are the first company who were introduces the reverse osmosis system in a purifier.

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Get Your Hands On An Easy To Digest Car And Personal Loan Guide

Most people will find that purchasing a car can make a huge dent on their savings. This is because most people usually prefer the cash payment method due to it being the cheapest option to pay for the vehicle. And yet, it is also the form of payment that not everyone can conveniently afford. This is one of the reasons why most car purchases are done in installments which are offered by car dealers and by banks. You can check out Newcastle Permanent car loans to get an idea and sample computation of your dream wheels.

When you acquire financing assistance through car loans, it greatly offers you the convenience of funding your purchase through an easy application process. Not to mention, payments will be easier to manage since you’re doing it on a monthly basis. All you need to do is make sure you add it in when you’re computing for your monthly budget and expenses.

But before you buy the vehicle, here is a quick guide on getting a car loan:

Check all the requirements

Doing your research should be your priority. You’ll have to take note of the requirements and make sure you are eligible for a car loan. Preparing everything else beforehand will give you a seamless and hassle-free application. Documents you might need for a loan may include a certificate of employment or a statement of account for proof that you can pay off the incremental payments and official IDs.

Differentiate each car loan and compute

This will naturally help you sort out what kind of car loan is most suited to your savings budget. You should do a comparison of different types available based on each of their competitive rates, loan terms, if the interest and repayments are fixed, the security, the benefits that come with it and if there are any penalty fees for late repayments.

Determine the crucial factors that will affect your car loan

Here are some of the important details that should be taken into consideration so you can realistically afford the loan:

– The type of vehicle and its price range should be well suited and well within your estimated budget. Aside from these, you should also consider the costs of owning a vehicle such as the fuel and its maintenance fee as well as the car insurance. These may not be included in the loan payment, but these are unavoidable costs that should be comprised within your budget.

– Length of the loan: If you choose a loan that has a longer period, normally, you will have monthly repayments that are significantly lower. However, a longer payment method also indicates a higher interest rate. But if you choose a fixed interest rate and monthly repayment method can greatly help in managing your finances with less difficulty.


Purchasing a car and getting the perfect car loan takes time – from the thorough research, extensive planning, computation and months of saving up. So once everything is done correctly, you will likely own a new set of wheels and get on the road soon!

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How to Protect Skin All Year Round

Exposing your skin to the sun has its benefits. It gives our body vitamin D which helps in absorbing calcium. However, too much exposure can do you more harm than good as the sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer and is the number one reason for damaged skin. If you’re interested in learning how to protect your skin all year round, you’ve come to the right place.

How to protect skin:

1. Purchase multiple bottles of sunscreen 

To ensure that you’re never caught without sunscreen, it’s well worth purchasing several bottles of sunscreen, instead of relying on a single bottle. As an example, you can’t go wrong placing a bottle of sunscreen in your car’s glove box. If the sun comes out while you’re driving, you’ll be able to stop, pull over and apply your sunscreen.

You may even be interested in carrying around a leak proof, spill proof travel sized bottle of sunscreen in your handbag. Keeping your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays will help you reduce crepey skin and avoid other skin diseases.

2. Purchase a portable sun shade, tent or parasol to protect yourself in summer 

In order to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and to spend warm summer days at your local beach, park or lake, it’s well worth purchasing a portable sun shade, tent or parasol, which will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays in the warm summer months!

3. Avoid spending time outdoors during the hottest part of the day

As an example, it’s far wiser to go swimming at 10am or 4pm in summer, than to go swimming between 12pm and 2pm, when the sun is at its strongest. So it’s a great idea to make the effort to plan out your activities so that you’ll avoid spending the hottest part of your days outdoors. Especially in summer, when temperatures can skyrocket and the sun’s UV rays are extremely strong.

4. Wear make up that contains SPF protection

Did you know that it’s possible to purchase makeup such as foundation and concealer which features SPF protection? While you should still top off your makeup look with sunscreen, it’s also a great idea to double up your sun protection and to purchase make up productions which offer SPF protection. As your skin needs as much protection from the sun as possible.

5. Use an after sun lotion after spending extended periods of time in the sun

If you spend extended periods of time in the sun, it’s a smart idea to use an after sun lotion or gel, which features soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, to replenish your skin’s nutrients.

6. Don’t be afraid to cover up on hot days

While your first instinct may be to start wearing shorts, singlets and dresses, the second that summer arrives, it’s a smart idea to cover up your arms and legs on hot days. At least during the hottest time of the day. As an example, you may want to pop a cotton long sleeved blouse over your favourite summer dress from 10am to 2pm during summer to protect your arms from the sun.

Or you may want to pop a rash vest over your bathing suit when you swim, paddle board, snorkel or surf, during the warm summer months. Just be sure to choose cover ups which feature breathable materials.

Now you have no excuse not to protect your skin from sun damage all year round! As all six of the skin protection tips above are well worth testing out for yourself.

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